Seamless access to the accountancy profession (Sponsored)

Aug 23, 2019

At this time of year, those leaving school are paying particular interest to their future options. The school leaver route into accountancy is beneficial for all those seeking a career in accountancy and finance and can be an expedient and cost-effective manner to a successful and fulfilling career.

The qualification of an accounting technician can be obtained after two years. The fully-funded accounting technician apprenticeship programme helps to make the profession accessible to all. It only takes a further three years to train as a Chartered Accountant should graduates decide to continue their studies.

The apprenticeship programme is a modern and practical route to a career in accountancy where employers take on students on a two-year, work-based learning programme. Apprentices work within organisations four days per week and study one day per week.

College tuition is fully funded by the State. Employers just pay an apprentice the national minimum wage (€19,000 per annum) and three weeks’ paid study leave per year, including exam dates.

Throughout the two years, an apprentice is assigned a workplace mentor to support them in their on-the-job training. They are mentored by an accountant or accounting technician for the two years of their apprenticeship in the core areas of study.

Upskilling with Accounting Technicians Ireland provides a pathway into accountancy for those already in employment looking to augment their skill set or returning to the workforce to develop new skills.

Employers can recommend to existing employees that they apply for the apprenticeship programme to advance their career, and utilise the apprenticeship programme to grow and nurture talented staff.

Accounting Technicians Ireland offers a number of other ways to study. Students can opt to study full-time at locations island-wide, part-time either at the ATI Academy in Chartered Accountants House on Pearse Street in Dublin, at partner college locations island-wide or online – a popular option for busy professionals.

Upon qualification, and with two years’ work experience, graduates become full members of Accounting Technicians Ireland and can use the designation MIATI.

Members of ATI are required to engage in continuous professional development annually. In order to best support members, ATI’s CPD is free of charge and other training opportunities are heavily subsidised.

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(This article is sponsored by Accounting Technicians Ireland.)