Staying connected while staying at home

Apr 08, 2020

Connecting with family and friends while staying apart

We are social beings and seek to connect with those we can identify with whether that is our family, a sports club, college friends or a team at work. In times of celebration we reach out to those connections to share the moment and in times of anxiety or stress we reach out to those within our circle and perhaps seek to support them

Now social isolation and slowing the pandemic is crucial, but this isolation can have a negative impact. Psychologists advise that with the increased stress levels, disruption to our normal routine, fears over job losses and reduced social interaction this could lead people towards depression.

What can we do?

Staying connected while physically apart is challenging, but not impossible. Thankfully, technology will enable us to connect and there are many options available e.g. Skype, Zoom, Whats App are just some of the tools available. We can adapt and for most of us, we have the time to invest in making these connections.

Quick tools and guides for video calls

There are lots of options and simple guides available online, so use them. Have a virtual coffee or drink with friends, host a virtual party or perhaps for those who are competitive have a virtual quiz. Be creative, have some fun and connect with friends and family and reap the benefits.

  • Setting up a Zoom video call

Try and ensure kindness and compassion are foremost in your mind and reach out to connect to family and friends far and wide. We are all in this together and this will pass. A phone call or video call is better than a text. Think about what you will say, you may be stressed, but they could be too, so be prepared to listen. The person on the other end could be vulnerable or perhaps you could the first person they have spoken to today!

Top tips for connecting effectively

  1.  Think about who you normally connect with and expand it. We tend to stick with our one group and identify with only them, we are all guilty of this strait. This is a global pandemic that affects us all. Be flexible, adapt and push those connections outside your comfort zone and brighten somebody's day by contacting them and checking in on them.

  2. By being kind and helping others in need we help ourselves. Is there a vulnerable neighbour who would appreciate some assistance (obviously within the social isolation guidelines)? Working from home can be more challenging for some and if perhaps you know a colleague who might be struggling, could you help with a call/ guidance.


  3. Breath. Yes, we are in an uncertain world, anxiety and stress is constant, and we can feel overwhelmed. Breathing is essential to all us, but just for a few moments concentrate only on that task. This can be enough to reset the mind and start over. 

It is useful to be aware of how social isolation may impact us. We have a great capacity to care and show empathy and staying connected with others will lower the impact of the current situation and support our mental wellbeing. Stay safe and stay connected to each other 

CA Support has a confidential listening service. Feel free to get in touch if you need support during this time. We can be contacted by email or call us on (353) 86 024 3294.