Surprising lessons learned from PAYE Modernisation (Sponsored)

Mar 06, 2019

PAYE Modernisation is now into its third month, with employers and accountants feeling the effects of the new legislation. It is the most significant change ever to the Irish PAYE system and has completely transformed the way we process payroll.

Thesaurus Software and Revenue have teamed up for another PAYE Modernisation webinar. During the webinar, they will discuss what has happened since PAYE Modernisation went live, the challenges that businesses are facing and the lessons that they have learned as a result.

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This free webinar will give you an overview of how the new real-time reporting works, the benefits of this new system and how to make sure that you are PAYE Modernisation compliant. Thesaurus Software and Revenue will peel back the PAYE Modernisation legislation to outline clearly how it affects the payroll process and what is expected from you in 2019 and going forward.

Webinar Agenda

  • What is PAYE Modernisation and how to comply?
  • How PAYE Modernisation will streamline your processes
  • The benefits of PAYE Modernisation
  • Recent updates and changes to PAYE Modernisation
  • Reporting to Revenue in real-time
  • Making corrections to the payroll
  • The approach to non-compliance and penalties
  • How Thesaurus Payroll Manager & BrightPay are supporting your PAYE Modernisation journey.
  • Guest Speaker: Revenue

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Thesaurus Software & PAYE Modernisation

Thesaurus Software is the number one payroll software provider in Ireland with two different payroll packages to choose from - Thesaurus Payroll Manager and BrightPay. Both systems include full PAYE Modernisation functionality at no extra cost. They have worked closely with Revenue to ensure that both systems are fully compliant.

Their products are used to process the payroll for over 200,000 businesses across Ireland and the UK. BrightPay won the Payroll Software of the Year 2018 award at this year’s Accounting Excellence awards. With a 99% customer satisfaction rate, their customers can rest assured that all required functionality is catered for.

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(This article was sponsored by Thesaurus Software)