Tax Administration EU Summit

Sep 30, 2019

The first Tax Administration EU Summit (TADEUS) meeting took place earlier this month where the Heads of tax administrations in the EU Member States and the Commission met in Finland. TADEUS is a cooperation network that aims to improve tax administrative cooperation and to explore solutions for similar issues the Heads of tax administrations are facing.

At the first TADEUS meeting the Heads of tax administrations endorsed the findings of a ‘Digital and data’ project. The project, led by Finland, explores reporting requirements for the sharing and gig economy. Other areas of focus for TADEUS include:

  • addressing the digital economy and the digitalization of tax authorities
  • generating trust and enhancing the tax compliance level by providing legal certainty and through compliance risk management
  • implementing EU legislation
  • managing IT systems and resource constraints
  • managing human resources and skills
  • improving operational performance and reporting
  • facilitating coordinated positions among national tax administrations in international fora

TADEUS has also agreed to implement a new project to monitor the performance of administrative cooperation, to increase transparency and improve the functioning of the administrative cooperation between tax administrations (for both VAT and direct taxes).

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