Tax policy reforms 2020 published by OECD

Sep 07, 2020

Tax Policy Reforms 2020 describes the latest tax reforms across OECD countries, as well as in Argentina, China, Indonesia, and South Africa. The report identifies major tax policy trends adopted before the COVID-19 crisis and analyses the tax measures introduced by countries in response to the pandemic to June 2020. 

The report shows that many countries have taken unprecedented action in response to COVID-19. It also points out that most countries have adopted a phased approach to COVID-19, gradually adapting their fiscal packages as the crisis has unfolded. As the crisis has continued, many countries expanded their initial response packages.  

The report also provides an overview of the reforms introduced before the COVID-19 crisis. It highlights continuation of several trends identified in previous years, including personal income tax reductions for low and middle-income households and the stabilisation of standard VAT rates observed across many countries. Corporate tax rates have continued to decline, but at a faster pace than in 2019. 

For more information read the full report.