Technical difficulties with Revenue’s AIS

Feb 03, 2021

There have been reports of technical difficulties being experienced with Revenue’s Automated Import System (AIS) in recent days.  To date, in these cases, Revenue has implemented "Fallback" procedures in order to create a Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN) to facilitate the clearance of consignments.

The procedures are set out in eCustoms Notifications and traders are encouraged to sign up for notifications alerting them when the AIS is unavailable by emailing the eCustoms Helpdesk at

Update from Revenue - 9:30am Thurs 4 Feb 

Revenue Import AIS System Issues impacting of Completion of PBN and resulting Fallback

Who should read:            All those involved in lodging electronic customs declarations

All those involved in the creation of the PBN

We are experiencing technical issues this with the Automated Import System (AIS), one of Revenue’s two Customs import systems.  Consequently, AIS is currently unavailable.  Businesses may continue to submit declarations or messages to the system, but no responses will issue until AIS is restored. As a result, traders may not have received MRNs for their pre‐lodged import declarations.

If you are moving goods into Ireland, arriving from 6pm on 14 January, using a pre‐lodged import declaration and have been impacted by the issue described above, fallback for the PBN is granted until further notice. Fallback for the PBN allows you to select ‘empty’ when creating the PBN.

Traders who successfully submitted pre‐lodged import declarations into AIS and got their MRN, traders using AEP to submit their pre‐lodged import declarations and goods moving under transit are unaffected by this technical issue and therefore the PBN should be created using the relevant MRNs.

Under Fallback arrangements traders must ensure that goods which are subject to checks by DAFM (Department of Agriculture and Food), HSE (Health Service Executive) or any other regulatory Authority, are presented to that authority for inspection or provide evidence (licences /certificates) to the Customs Station that the checks have been undertaken. For Dublin Port bound traffic, vehicles will be processed in T11 and in Rosslare Port bound traffic, vehicles will be processed at the Kilrane site.

Once AIS has been restored, we will issue a further notice and trade will be able to revert to the normal procedure for creating a PBN by inserting all relevant MRNs.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


eCustoms Helpdesk.


Tel: 01 7383677