The market outlook for 2021

Jan 08, 2021
In January, the job market can sometimes be slow to get started. The good news in 2021 however is that the market appears to have kicked off quickly with some good prospects in both practice and industry. We are delighted to bring you this positive news during these challenging times.

During 2020 we saw multiple moratoriums on hiring and slower-than-usual turn-around of recruitment processes. Entering 2021 there seems to have been a ‘refresh’ with many hiring managers looking to re-activate recruitment processes again for roles outstanding from 2020 with a renewed sense of urgency to fill these roles. We have also been contacted by numerous other organisations seeking to hire talent for new roles also.

Remote working is now the new norm as most have had over nine months to adapt. This new way of working has brought with it new opportunities and enables members to consider a wider variety of options not just around the country but overseas also. 

Like any year there will be peaks and troughs and seasonality issues that impact recruitment activity during 2021 but notwithstanding the effects of Brexit the market should stay reasonably solid.

Key features of the market for 2021 will include:

• Continued buoyancy in sectors such as technology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics 
• Challenging employee retention within sectors such as entertainment, leisure and hospitality 
• The financial services market remains positive with demand in funds in particular and potential opportunities arising out of Brexit
Salaries will remain broadly similar to last year 
• Increased opportunity for part-time working 
• Continued strong demand for talent at all levels in chartered accountancy practices across the country
• Increase in availability of contract opportunities during the year 

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Dave Riordan, ACA
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