The new way to get work done (Sponsored)

Apr 08, 2021

A Changing Landscape

For some time, the accounting profession has been changing at a rapid rate.

Swift advances in technology, increased and changing client needs, and resourcing challenges are forcing firms to reconsider how they operate. Even the nature of how we work, where we work, and the kinds of work we deliver have caused accounting firms to re-evaluate how they work and look at new and innovative ways to get the job done.

Along with this, we’re also seeing a change in the role of the accountant. They are no longer viewed as ‘just a bean counter’ accounting professionals are expected to be agile, flexible and responsive, a business partner. Clients also expect a broader range of services.

“This is all great in theory, and the opportunities for growth are exciting. But, as a firm owner, how do you juggle it all? How do you deliver consistently high-quality services, find the talent resources to deliver the projects and services, and meet your client’s business needs? We were experiencing this first-hand. For us, resourcing had become the number one issue within our firm. Sourcing permanent talent was costly, restrictive and extremely time-consuming. It was also taking me away from working on the firm, and instead, pulled me into working in the business. We needed to find a new way to get work done, and that’s when the idea for Clockwork was born.”  Tadhg Moriarty FCA, CTC, Founder, Clockwork

What Is Clockwork?

Clockwork is a platform where firms and accounting freelancers match to get work done. It is built on the most innovative, leading-edge and intelligent technology.

Firms can sign up in a few simple steps to gain direct access to 100s of local, expert, professional accounting freelancers.

“Clockwork was born out of a vision to support the changing accounting landscape and to drive firms forward by using technology. The platform provides firms with an opportunity to source high quality, local, on-demand talent on a project-by-project basis. Making it easy for firms to scale up depending on the needs of their clients, to source the expertise they need to fulfil the work their clients’ demand, and quite simply get work done.” Greg Murphy CPA, Founder, Clockwork

With Clockwork:

  • All our registered freelancers are insured, flexible and accessible.
  • The type of work covered includes accounts preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, taxation, business planning.
  • Firms can add one or more projects, including small to large scale projects.
  • The platform provides real-time project progress.
  • The built-in app tools make file sharing, communication and collaboration easy.
  • 24/7 support is available from our customer service team.
  • Only when you’re happy with the work does your freelancer get paid.

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(This article is sponsored by Clockwork.)