The Next Financial Year: Making Irish Business More Competitive

Jul 17, 2020

To look forward and create a better business environment to restore employment and the economies on the island of Ireland, Chartered Accountants Ireland have published a landmark position paper called “The Next Financial Year: Making Irish Business More Competitive”. It draws on problems encountered by members and member firms in handling the Covid-19 crisis to propose how this can be achieved.

From members working at the coalface of both economies, we know that businesses, particularly SMEs, are fighting hard to survive.  For the next financial year, we propose how government can help by simplifying processes and removing red tape, and by going fully digital.  We also call for a range of targeted tax measures and supports for businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as emphasising the importance of excellent corporate governance and professional ethics.

“The Next Financial Year: Making Irish Business More Competitive”, a position paper with alternative approaches and proposals informed by extensive engagement with members, for a better business environment post-pandemic be read or downloaded from our website.