Trust registration service – volunteers needed

May 07, 2019

HMRC’s online Trust Registration Service (“TRS”) will be rolling out different features of the service between late May 2019 and December 2019. HMRC are therefore seeking agent volunteers to test and develop these new features.

Readers may recall that the TRS must be used to register certain trusts by 5 October in the tax year after the one in which the trust starts to receive income, or has capital gains, on which tax is payable. The deadline to register trusts for 2018/19 is therefore 5 October 2019.

To begin with HMRC would initially like to work with agents who have a new will trust with no previous tax liability that has:

  • A lead trustee (can include multiple UK based trustees)
  • Multiple named individual beneficiaries (will only require Name, DOB, National Insurance Number or address)
  • Assets (money only) 

Agents who have a trust that fits the above scenario and are available to process the submission in late May 2019, and wish to volunteer to work with HMRC’s TRS team should email HMRC.

HMRC’s TRS team will be in touch to talk through the process and arrange a time to submit the registration via the new service.

The TRS team are continuing to test and iterate the service and will be seeking volunteers again once further iterations to test for registration have been developed. The following features are currently in development: 

  • Ability to view information submitted at registration
  • Complete a declaration when there is no change to the trust
  • Make changes to the trust and declare it’s up to date
  • Close a trust or estate 

The April 2019 Trusts and Estates newsletter has also been published. HMRC’s guidance has also been updated with the new process for who to contact if you’re setting up a non-resident trust.