TWSS reconciliation process

Sep 28, 2020

Revenue issued an Employer Notice to the myEnquiries inbox of employers who made subsidy payments to employees under the TWSS providing details on the reconciliation process. Employers are required to report the actual subsidy paid to employees, on each date, to Revenue before 31 October 2020. There are three means by which employers can report the actual subsidy paid to employees.

The actual subsidy paid to employees is described as essential information for Revenue, which will be used to reconcile and determine the amount, if any, due back to Revenue from employers or due to employers from Revenue. The information will also be used to update employees’ records to correctly charge income tax and USC, as part of the End of Year review procedure to tax employees on the TWSS payments.

The reconciliation process is in two stages:

  • Stage 1 – the employer is required to report the actual subsidy that was paid to employees, for each payslip and each pay date; and
  • Stage 2 – All active payslips submitted will be examined to determine the subsidy payable amount for each payslip based on the rules of the TWSS.

Following the completion of the stages, a Statement of Account will be sent to the employer’s ROS inbox.

Reporting subsidy paid data

Employers can report subsidy paid to employees to Revenue by:

  • directly reporting through payroll submission; or
  • direct entry in ROS payroll reporting; or
  • a Subsidy CSV file upload.

Further details on reporting the subsidy paid data and requirements for reporting the subsidy paid are set out in the Revenue leaflet – Instructions on Uploading and Reviewing Subsidy Paid Data via CSV.

Further information on the TWSS reconciliation is available on the Revenue website. Version 18 of the TWSS Employer’s FAQ document includes detailed guidance at section 6 on the TWSS reconciliation process.