UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme claims made on 20 April to be paid tomorrow

Apr 27, 2020

HMRC have just now sent us the below message regarding payment of the first claims under the UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. The first payments are expected to be in bank accounts tomorrow, Tuesday 28 April for claims made last week on Monday 20 April.

"Dear Stakeholder,

Wages for furloughed employees are now being paid through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, just a week after claims opened. Payments for claims made on Monday 20 April will be in employers’ bank accounts by tomorrow (28 April).

I would be very grateful if you could share the following information with your members, clients and customers.

If you have already made a claim
Don’t worry if you haven’t received payment yet – it takes six working days from when you claimed. Please don’t call us to chase payment as we won’t be able to update you before the six working days have ended.

You don’t need to do anything to receive payment. It will automatically be sent to the bank account you nominated in your claim.

Please retain all records and calculations for your claims in case we need to contact you about them in future, as we continue to check claims made through the scheme.

If you have not yet made a claim
You can still claim online for a grant for 80% of your furloughed employees’ salaries, up to a maximum of £2,500 per employee, per month. You will receive the funds six working days after you claim, provided your claim matches records that we hold for your PAYE scheme.

Please read all the available guidance before you apply. To find this, go to GOV.UK and search for ‘Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’.

HMRC will check claims made through the scheme and will act to protect public money against anyone who makes a dishonest claim. 

Please continue to keep your furloughed employees informed and ask them not to contact us directly - we will not be able to provide them with any information.

A word about scams
Stay vigilant about scams, which may mimic government messages such as ‘Stay at home’ and ‘Stay home, stay safe’, as a way of appearing authentic and unthreatening. Don’t give out private information or reply to text messages, and don’t download attachments or click on links in texts or emails you weren’t expecting. You can forward suspicious emails claiming to be from HMRC to and texts to 60599."