UK publish draft negotiation documents outlining approach to Future Relationship with the EU

May 25, 2020

As per the outcome of the third round of negotiations between the UK and the EU, the UK have published the legal texts of their draft negotiation documents. As outlined below, “The Future Relationship with the EU” document lays out a suite of proposals for the UK’s negotiations with the EU. The draft legal texts are the legal articulation of this approach and have formed the basis of discussions with the EU.

The main element of the UK’s approach is the comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, or FTA, covering substantially all trade. They have also proposed a separate agreement on fisheries, an agreement on law enforcement and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, and agreements in technical areas covering aviation, energy and civil nuclear cooperation. The document suite also includes correspondence from UK chief negotiator, David Frost, to his EU counterpart, Michel Barnier.

Some important documents are highlighted below:

Letter from David Frost to Michel Barnier: 19.05.20

The Future Relationship with the EU

DRAFT UK-EU Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)


DRAFT Fisheries Framework Agreement

DRAFT Energy Agreement

DRAFT Social Security Coordination Agreement

DRAFT Agreement on Law Enforcement and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters

For the complete suite of documents, visit the page: UK’s approach to the Future Relationship with the EU.