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New online education delivery 2020

Our aim is to deliver the best possible learning experience for students of chartered accountancy

The Institute is pleased to announce that its student education delivery will be entirely digitally led from October 2020. Our aim is to deliver the best possible learning experience for students of chartered accountancy, while also ensuring our education model follows government ongoing health policy guidelines.

We will leverage best practice internationally, along with leading technology solutions and an experienced lecturing team to provide students with an excellent education experience online.  Students will use a variety of leading online platforms, all brought together in a new learning management system.

There will be better use of the existing education platforms currently in place, with the addition of new, best-in-class education software.  New software will include improved lecture pre-recording and webinar delivery, and an expanded podcast library to include exam preparation and study aids. There will also be an increased exam-focused online education delivery and digital exam preparation, including tutorial videos, five chances to sit practice exams and the provision of practice papers.

The dynamic and evolving nature of this project means that more detailed information will be communicated over the coming weeks. If you have any queries at this stage, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below, or complete the comments box.


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  1. Will normal enrolment closing dates apply?

    Yes, we want to make sure that candidates engage with the programme and live webinars that are run throughout the course. In order to do this students should enrol by the closing date to ensure they have relevant access to materials and online delivery features.

  2. What does online delivery mean for study leave?

    Chartered Accountants Ireland does not recommend on the timing of study leave. We would suggest that the timing of education leave is agreed with students at the commencement of the academic year.

  3. Will block release occur during office hours?

    Block release will be scheduled to take place outside of office hours to ensure minimal disruption to training firms and students alike.

  4. Can students outside of Ireland participate on the course programme?

    Students must secure a quantum of relevant experience in order to qualify for membership. This experience must be secured on the island of Ireland so ultimately students must be resident in Ireland.

  5. When will course timetables be available for the academic year 2020/21?

    Timetables are not going to be as big an issue from Oct 2020, as a significant proportion of course material (course work, online lectures, practice papers etc) will be available to view online when you choose. Our expanded online education offering includes new channels such as webinars and opportunities to engage directly with the lecturing team on Ask Me Anything Q&A sessions. These items will be scheduled and students will be given plenty of advance notice on dates and times. It is intended that these sessions will, in the main, run outside of office hours so should not impact on your work commitments.

  6. If FAE case days are held, will attendance/participation be monitored?

    The regulations still have the mandatory FAE ICD requirement for 2020/21 and as such we will continue to monitor students engagement with the online Integrated Case Days. While the engagement days have not yet been finalised we can confirm they will be held on weekend days.

  7. Will the block release dates apply to Belfast (all exams) and the FAEs (all centres)? Even if the classes take place online, can we assign study leave to block release to reduce the overlap in CAP2 and FAE study leave on the run up to the exams next year?

    Timing of study leave is a matter for agreement between the student and the training firm. There will not be a requirement to take time out of the office to attend Block Release now that we have moved to an online delivery.