Procedures for Quality Audit

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Practical and intuitive audit procedures using the Microsoft Excel platform – includes whole firm and individual client work programmes – available to download now

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Practice toolkit
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Release date: 22 March 2021

This toolkit is a licenced product. The annual licence fee (€339/£236 + VAT) is payable on the first anniversary of purchase of this toolkit, and annually thereafter.

The Procedures for Quality Audit (PQAs) toolkit is a dynamic set of audit procedures designed for audits of small or medium sized private company clients in ROI and NI.

Based around Microsoft Excel, the PQAs allow you to easily tailor your procedures to your client and your firm’s specific audit approach, without having to get to grips with a complex auditing package.  The Excel format allows you to include schedules and tests as separate integrated worksheets.  If you use Microsoft Office 365, your PQA files can be readily shared online amongst your audit team.

The toolkit consists of the following:

  • Audit work programmes covering planning, fieldwork and completion, along with lead schedules, contained within an Excel workbook;
  • Audit Planning Memorandum;
  • Memorandum of Significant Matters;
  • ISQC 1 and IES 8 template procedures;
  • Template Letters of Representation for ROI and NI;
  • Template Letter to Those Charged With Governance;
  • COVID-19 Checklist - Optional supplementary programme.

The PQAs are regularly updated to keep you compliant with changes in company law, accounting standards and auditing standards.

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