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tax.point, the monthly print tax journal for tax professionals, is prepared by Chartered Accountants for Chartered Accountants.

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It is compiled and edited by Kimberley Rowan, Tax Manager at Chartered Accountants Ireland.  It is published every month and it is one of the easiest ways to stay up to date as the content is both relevant and current.

You can also access tax.point content on TaxSource Total, Chartered Accountants Ireland's searchable, cost effective, online tax resource.

Features & Benefits

Each month, tax.point brings you:

  • independent coverage of all important tax developments
  • featured articles on current practical tax matters written by tax professionals
  • expert commentary on the issues of the day, including very recent tax cases (Irish, UK and EU)
  • the full text of new important source documents: statutory instruments, Revenue statements etc
  • key Irish and UK tax rates and deadlines

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