Audit Exempt Work Programme 2013 ROI

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Audit exempt clients may now be your practice’s biggest risk. With turnovers of up to €8.8m there are a lot of ways to get it wrong. Control the risk and improve the quality and efficiency of these assignments by using this toolkit.

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Release date: 26 November 2013


This toolkit contains a work programme that guides users through a set of sensible relevant procedures for audit exempt companies.

It will show users how to plan and budget for preparing accounts for audit exempt companies and a series of worksheets will suggest a set of procedures that will allow jobs to be completed in a thorough and efficient way.

Key features:

  • Updated work programme of suggested procedures;
  • Easy to use layout and order;
  • Handy 2-Page Planning Memo to focus on what’s really important to help your staff get on the way efficiently;
  • Updated for audit exemption thresholds and small company thresholds;
  • Strengthened work programme for items such as contingencies, commitments, guarantees, related parties etc;
  • Lead Schedules for balance sheet sections;
  • A Control Sheet to ensure that you have all the books and records before you start;
  • Anti-Money Laundering points;
  • Sensible indexing system – compatible with the PQAs;
  • A step by step guide and template documents for claiming or continuing audit exemption;
  • Can be used for accounts prepared under existing standards or FRS102.

This toolkit replaces the old ‘Audit Exempt 2007’ toolkit, which is now out of date.

It is available on a user friendly Excel-based CD. This will allow users to perform assignments using Excel spreadsheets that can be enhanced by supporting schedules

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