Great Eagle Wood

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Great Eagle Wood by Derry Cotter examines the challenges facing a modern economy, exploring the issues of leadership, change management, entrepreneurship, ethical standards in business, climate change and the ever-present threat of terrorism.

ISBN:  978-0-903854-06-1
Published:  29/02/2008
Format:  Paperback, 208 pages
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Ethics, Student texts
Who is this for:  Students
Edition:  1st
Copyright date:  29/02/2008
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Great Eagle Wood is a unique, highly enjoyable novel in the style of an allegory about an animal republic where eagles provide leadership, ducks the entrepreneurial guile, and beavers the backbone to make things happen. Reflecting the economy of the modern world, Great Eagle Wood both entertains and informs about concepts, issues and institutions as diverse as banks and credit unions, business ethics and the stock market.

Great Eagle Wood: The Business Challenge by Derry Cotter and Frances Hurley (Christ the King Secondary School, Cork) is a student workbook designed to be read with Great Eagle Wood. The workbook is specially tailored to the needs of students undertaking the Leaving Certificate Business curriculum and is designed to assist them in discovering the business world. Topics include: leadership and motivation, communication, finance, change management, identifying opportunities, getting started, marketing, expanding the business, ecology and the environment, business, government and the economy, business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

A set of Teachers Notes has also been written to accompany the novel and workbook, and to provide support to the teacher, which is available free-of-charge to adopting teachers. Inspection copies and volume discounted prices are available on request.

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The Author

Derry Cotter is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland. At University College Cork, where he lectured in accounting for more than 30 years, he was a recipient of the President’s Excellence in Teaching award. He is extensively involved in the Chartered Accountants Ireland student education programme and has taught on the FAE programme in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Galway. Derry, who trained as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, is an active researcher and has published works in the areas of finance and financial reporting. In 2004, Derry published his first novel, Mary Didn’t Have a Mam. He is also author of Cases and Solutions in International Financial Reporting Standards and Problem Solving and the FAE both published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.