Strategies in Management Accounting

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This series of essays by Peter Clarke, collected from over two decades of work in management accounting, is an important guide to anyone practising or researching in this core area.

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Published:  31/12/2006
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Strategic finance and management reporting, Thought leadership
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Copyright date:  31/12/2006
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A revolution has occurred in management accounting. Some commentators have attributed this to the concept of activity-based costing, which was popularised in the US during the mid-1980s, and hailed as a more accurate product-costing method than what was then referred to as traditional cost accounting.

Thereafter, a large number of innovations and other new techniques were proposed and adopted by many companies. These developments have important implications for all those teaching and practising the discipline of management accounting.

A guide for anyone studying, practising or researching in this area, this book is a series of essays covering some of the main advances. Topics include:

  • the need for relevance in management accounting;
  • activity-based costing;
  • customer profitability analysis;
  • performance measurement and balanced scorecard;
  • the importance and measurement of quality;
  • the budgeting process.

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The Author

Peter Clarke is Emeritus Professor at the UCD Business School and a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland. He has published over 100 articles on various aspects of accounting in addition to being a regular presenter at international conferences. His other books include: Cases in Managerial Accounting (1987), Accounting Information for Managers (2002), and Managerial Accounting: Costing, Decision-making and Control (3rd edition, 2017).