Beating the Recession: The Seven Cs of Business Recovery

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This book by Neil Hughes provides a framework to help businesses successfully trade through tough times. It sets out the seven principles (Seven Cs) of business recovery that you should employ if you want to ensure the survival of your, or your client's, company.

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Published:  31/03/2010
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After the hardest hitting recession in living memory, Irish business were left shell-shocked. A generation of business owners and managers, who had been conditioned to only consider solutions that involved throwing (borrowed) money at a problem, were compromised by the bust and ill-equipped to deal with the challenges they faced.

Providing a framework to help businesses successfully trade through challenging economic conditions, this book sets out the seven principles (Seven Cs) of business recovery developed by the author based on his experience and expertise in the area of corporate business recovery. With a chapter devoted to each, the Seven Cs of Business Recovery are:

  • Council (Advice)
  • Communication
  • Co-operation
  • Clarity (of Purpose)
  • Costs
  • Cash
  • Customers

Presented in a clear and accessible style, this book is based on reality, not theory, and provides sound business advice. All of the principles and skills described are illustrated by real-life examples from the author's experience of working with and advising Irish businesses.

This title is also published as The Seven Cs of Business Recovery – an eBook for Kindle, available from Amazon.

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The Author

Neil Hughes , FCA, is managing partner of Baker Tilly Chartered Accountants, a firm specialising in insolvency and corporate recovery. He has extensive experience of examinership and has acted as examiner on numerous occasions, including for Shamrock Rovers FC, the Chartbusters Group, and Optilase. Neil lectures widely on the subject of corporate recovery and is also a regular business commentator in the national media.