Procedures for Quality Audit for Charities 2012 ROI

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For some time, members in practice have been asking us for an audit toolkit specifically for Charities.

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Release date: 28 March 2012

A must have for auditors of charities in the Republic of Ireland, ‘Procedures for Quality Audit for Charities 2012 (Republic of Ireland)’, is a tailored audit programme which is compact, relevant, timely, and focuses specifically on the real issues directly affecting these entities.

Based on, and in the same format as our landmark Procedures for Quality Audit (PQA) toolkit, it has been specifically customised to make it suitable for the audit of incorporated charities. The whole audit programme focuses on charities. Every section of the file has been tailored, leaving no irrelevant questions, checklists or work programmes.

The toolkit includes, in particular:

  • A pro forma Audit Planning Memorandum specifically tailored for charities, in Microsoft Word, to facilitate completion;
  • Lead schedules for key audit areas in the audit of charities;
  • A pro forma memorandum, in Word, to facilitate your assessment of internal controls and accounting systems in the charity;
  • An extension of the popular Common Omissions Aide Memoir, to address some of the issues concerning charities;
  • A pro-forma Significant Matters section for recording and clearing audit issues, again in Word.

It allows users to perform audits using an Excel spreadsheets format that can be enhanced by supporting schedules and can be linked to clients’ files.

Downloading your toolkit
Once you have placed your order online, first print your invoice if you require one. Following this, go into your My Account area on the website and open My courses & downloads.  Your toolkit will be available to download there. You have up to 90 days from the date of purchase to download your toolkit.

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Users of this toolkit may also be interested in the book Accounting and Reporting by Charities in the Republic of Ireland, by Teresa Harrington.