Finance: Theory and Practice (3rd Edition)

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This seminal textbook by Anne Marie Ward, now in its 3rd edition, is designed for the study of finance on both professional and academic courses.

ISBN:  978-1-908199-48-5 
Published:  20/08/2014
Format:  Paperback, 862 pages
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Strategic finance and management reporting, Student texts
Who is this for:  Students
Edition:  3rd
Copyright date:  20/08/2014
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With particular relevance to students in Ireland and the UK, but also internationally, the author clearly presents the theory behind finance, provides practical worked examples to illustrate this theory and integrates real-world business examples and academic research to provide a deeper understanding of the subject.

Finance: Theory and Practice:

  • Explains the factors that can impact on financial decision-making, particularly the impact of the current economic environment.
  • Explores the various theories for influencing or improving financial decision-making.
  • Considers current research findings and interprets these in light of the theory.
  • Uses simple examples to review and explain the theory being considered, building up to examination standard questions at the end of each chapter.
  • Uses examples from Irish and UK companies to explain finance decision-making.

This 3rd edition:

  • has more real-world examples illustrating practical application of the subject;
  • is updated for regulatory changes;
  • contains more case study and exam questions in each chapter;
  • splits the chapter on risk into three shorter chapters, covering commodity price risk, exchange rate risk and interest rate risk, with more worked examples in each area;
  • is more reader-friendly – using colour and wide range of diagrams to emphasise key information, blocks of text are broken up and reader engagement enhanced.

Format: Paperback, 862 pages
Published: August 2014

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The Author

Anne Marie Ward is Professor of Accounting at Ulster University (Jordanstown). Her teaching specialities are managerial finance and financial accounting. She has taught both topics at undergraduate and at postgraduate levels, and she also lectured for Chartered Accountants Ireland for 18 years. Anne Marie has authored three other textbooks, including An Introduction to Personal Finance (4th Edition, Chartered Accountants Ireland, 2015) and has published articles and research reports in professional and academic journals.

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