Property Services Regulations Toolkit 2013

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Essential toolkit for assistance with the preparation of Accountant’s Reports required to be submitted to the Property Services Regulatory Authority with licence renewal applications. Available to download now.

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Release date: 30 April 2013

An Accountant’s Report must be submitted by a property services employer (company, partnership or sole trader) or an independent contractor when making an application to the Property Services Regulatory Authority in the Republic of Ireland to renew a licence.

So, if you have clients in these categories, who are registered as:

  • Auctioneers;
  • Estate Agents;
  • Marts;
  • Property Management Agents; etc.

they will need to submit an Accountant's Report with their licence renewal application.

There are 2 types of Accountant’s Report to be submitted with renewal applications – the one to be submitted will depend on the services provided by your client, and in some instances, both will need to be submitted.

This toolkit is designed to assist you with the preparation of these Accountant’s Reports. The toolkit contains two Excel based work programmes, one for each type of Accountant’s Report. The work programmes are laid out as a series of user-friendly steps aimed at assisting you through the process.

Downloading your toolkit
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