Procedures for Quality Audit for Charities 2013 NI

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Developed specially with Northern Ireland practitioners in mind!

With assistance from Conor Dolan, charities audit specialist.

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Release date: 27 June 2013

More about this practice toolkit

  • Audit work programme tailored for incorporated charities in Northern Ireland
  • SORP Focused
  • Addresses current requirements of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI)
  • Excel based
  • Same file structure as the market leading PQAs
  • Competitively Priced

We worked closely with practitioner Conor Dolan on the development of this toolkit. Conor, a partner in Finegan Gibson Chartered Accountants in Belfast, brought not only his knowledge of the charity sector in Northern Ireland to the table, but also the practical needs and requirements of practitioners when auditing these entities.

Key features of the toolkit:

  • A pro forma Audit Planning Memorandum specifically tailored for charities, in Microsoft Word, to facilitate completion;
  • Lead schedules, in Excel, for key audit areas in the audit of charities;
  • A charity-specific pro forma assessment of internal controls and accounting systems;
  • Common Omissions Aide Memoir;
  • A pro-forma Significant Matters section for recording and clearing audit issues;
  • An example audit report;
  • Fully tailored work programmes.

Available on CD, it allows users to perform audits using an Excel spreadsheets format that can be enhanced by supporting schedules.

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