External Auditing and Assurance (2nd Edition) (Revised)

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This unique Irish textbook by Martin Nolan and Christine Nangle is designed to inform students about the background to auditing and then lead them in detail through the practicalities of the auditing and assurance process.

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External Auditing and Assurance: An Irish Textbook explains and illustrates the context of the external auditing process by relating it to an organisation’s financial statements. In this textbook, the audit process is treated as a continuous discussion related directly to the final outcome, i.e. the auditor’s report and the financial statements to which it refers. Accordingly, a full set of financial statements is also included.

It is designed with a user-friendly presentation and written to enhance clarity. Numerous up-to-date, real-life examples are included to reflect current auditing and financial reporting standards, as well as wider issues in auditing, such as auditor’s liability. Feature chapters include those on ethics and corporate governance, the audit process, using the work of others, and group audits.

For this new revised version of the 2nd edition (originally published in 2013), the authors have brought the text up to date for International Standards on Auditing (UK and Ireland) and related guidance extant at 31 December 2015, and also to reflect the requirements of the Companies Act 2014.


Introduction (including future developments in auditing and assurance)

Part I – The External Auditing and Assurance Environment
  1. External Auditing and Assurance
  2. Ethics and Corporate Governance
  3. Fraud and Compliance with Laws & Regulations
Part II – The Audit and Assurance Process: Planning and Controls
  1. The Audit Process
  2. Audit Acceptance and Planning
  3. Gathering Audit Evidence
  4. The Risk Assessment Process
  5. Controls and Control Testing
  6. Auditing in a Computerised Environment and E-Commerce
  7. Using the Work of Others
Part III – The Audit and Assurance Process: Substantive Procedures
  1. The Audit of Property, Plant and Equipment
  2. The Audit of Inventory
  3. The Audit of Revenue and Receivables
  4. The Audit of Bank and Cash
  5. The Audit of Investments
  6. The Audit of Purchases and Payables
  7. The Audit of Share Capital and Reserves
Part IV – The Audit and Assurance Process: Conclusion and Reporting
  1. Audit Work Conclusions
  2. Audit Reports
  3. Group Audits
  • Appendix A – Extant List of Ethical and Auditing Standards and Other Selected Material (FRC)
  • Appendix B – Past Exam Questions Reference List (Chartered Accountants Ireland)
  • Appendix C – Large Company Ltd – Directors’ Report and Financial Statements
  • Appendix D – Suggested Solutions to Review Questions

Format: Paperback, 848 pages
Published: August 2016

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The Authors

Martin Nolan B. Comm., MA, AITI, FCA is the Head of Department of Accountancy & Professional Studies at the Institute of Technology, Tallaght. He is an executive committee member of the British Accounting & Finance Association (Auditing Special Interest Group). Martin has extensive experience in lecturing on auditing and assurance and financial reporting. He was an examiner in auditing and assurance in the final exams (FAE) of Chartered Accountants Ireland and served on the Accounting Committee of the Institute. Prior to joining academia in 1994, he was senior manager in audit assurance at Deloitte, having also worked at manager level at Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC). He served his articles with Hayden Brown, Chartered Accountants.

Christine Nangle B. Comm., ACA, Finance Manager of the Institute of Technology Tallaght where she is also an associate lecturer in the Department of Accountancy & Professional Studies. She is also director of a software development company. Christine has extensive practical and lecturing experience in auditing and assurance, and financial reporting. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant following her professional training with Deloitte and subsequently worked in industry, including eight years with Coca-Cola Hellenic Ireland, where she was Head of Internal Audit and latterly Commercial Finance Manager.