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New Boot Camp Teaser Challenge for members

The current health emergency has created a new dynamic for members working from home, often alongside children who may not be fully occupied. For these members, we thought it would be helpful to provide a business challenge for children to immerse themselves in. So we asked Brian Feighan, creator of Boot Camp and himself a member, to develop the "Boot Camp Teaser Challenge". This highly topical challenge is open to members' children and young relatives and is now available free of charge.

The Teaser Challenge will appeal to children as young as 10, so long as you're prepared to give them a helping hand! We will be awarding prizes for the best entries in different age categories, as well as a prize for the best overall entry. The closing date for receipt of entries is Friday 29 May. So, if your daughter, son, niece, nephew or grandchild wants to test their decision making skills, sign them up to the  Boot Camp Teaser Challenge!

Bootcamp Challenge Teaser

Bootcamp Teaser Challenge template

Guidance for members

The Teaser Challenge also serves as an introduction to Chartered Accountants Ireland online Boot Camp programme to support Transition Year and Senior Cycle Accounting students, more details below.

Online Boot Camp programme for Senior Cycle Accounting

Chartered Accountants Ireland launched its online Boot Camp programme to support Senior Cycle Accounting students at the end of 2019.

The programme is designed to help build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of accounting and will give students an understanding of what it’s like to be a professional accountant.

The programme is currently open for enrolment. It is free for teachers and only €10 for students. To find out more about Boot Camp, please visit:

Recent independent research highlighted concern among accounting teachers that the new Junior Cert Business Studies syllabus does not adequately prepare students for Senior Cycle Accounting. This is despite the growing popularity of the subject at Leaving Cert level with almost one in every seven students now choosing accounting in Senior Cycle.

Boot Camp solves this problem by providing an easily accessible online programme that teachers can have students complete online from home. Students who join Boot Camp can also take part in the Boot Camp Challenge, a national competition which gives students a chance to test their business smarts in a real-life business simulation. For more detail on boot camp please visit our online portal ttps://

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For further information, support or guidance please contact Veronica Byrne, Schools Programme Coordinator


The Flexible Route

The Flexible Route allows your staff train without a training contract, and enjoy flexibility around their studies and work experience. This programme works on the same basis as any other business qualification your staff may choose, meaning you can get involved in the professional development as much as you want, without being bound to the formality of a training contract. It allows you to keep key personnel, while still allowing them to train and develop their knowledge, and extend their competencies with Ireland's leading accountancy qualification.


Why change your career?

Study leave

There is no ‘block study leave’ for the Flexible Route students. Rather, Chartered Accountants Ireland encourages training organisations to agree a study leave policy with their students that suits the organisation’s needs. Study leave is not obligatory.

Audit experience

Companies in Industry rarely offer pure auditing or taxation experience. We recognise this point, so The Flexible Route students are not required to have audit experience as a core competency. Any student wishing to train as an auditor after qualifying can do so through established courses.


Mentors review the trainee’s Chartered Accountant diary every 6 months and sign off on the reviews. Mentors can be members of any IFAC recognised body.


Your staff can study and train at a pace that suits your business needs with our Flexible Route.

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If you have a query, please refer to our support & services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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