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Exemption criteria - Bachelor of Business (Honours) (Accounting Stream) (Castlebar)

The following exemption arrangement is applicable to the cohort of students graduating in 2018 who have achieved an overall minimum honours level of 2.ii or better, have a clear pass, without compensation in all subjects of the degree with a mark of not less than 50% in the final year relevant examinations identified in the template. 

CAP 1 subjects College/university options required

ACCT 08010 Corporate Finance
ACCT 07007 Financial Management
ACCT 06035 Management Accounting 2
ACCT 06009 Personal Finance (Elective)

Management Accounting

MGMT08023 Management Control Systems
ACCT  07007 Financial Management
ACCT  07016 Management Accounting 3
ACCT  06035 Management Accounting 2
ACCT  06034 Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

ACCT 08012 Business Combination Accounting
ACCT 07014 Financial Reporting Environment
ACCT 06037 Financial Accounting  2
ACCT 06031 Financial Accounting 1
ACCT 06030 Introduction to Accounting

Taxation ACCT 07017 Taxation 1
Law for Accountants

LAWL 07008 Corporate Law (Elective)
LAWL 06012 Business Law
LAWL 06010 Introduction to Law

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