What is a Training Contact?

Our Training Contract option is the most popular route to the Chartered qualification. Most people who enter this route do so via an accountancy practice, though there are some students in Training Contracts in a business role. The student in contract will remain with their training organisation for a defined time period (for graduates, the duration of a contract is three-and-a-half years; for recognised masters or postgraduates, three years; Accounting Technicians, four years).

Training Contracts are unique to Chartered Accountants Ireland - no other accountancy body provides the same structured, supportive framework for students to gain their qualification.

Depending on the areas you'll be working in, you can expect to gain experience in some or all of the following:

  • Financial accounting & reporting
  • Business finance
  • Taxation & tax planning
  • Auditing, internal control & corporate governance
  • Information systems & management
  • Financial services
  • Consulting
  • Insolvency

Who is a Training Contract suited to?

Anyone can go into a Training Contract. Usually college graduates will enter a Training Contract either with an accountancy practice or in a business role (what we call "Training in Industry").

While accountancy graduates will gain exam exemptions, students from other academic backgrounds can also be very attractive candidates – this depends on the firm or company.

A Training Contract is the quickest route to the Chartered qualification

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