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The Young Professionals Committee has always been passionate about hosting events that deliver informative content to support our members' continued learning as part of their professional development.

We also place a strong emphasis on connecting members with the Institute and other members through networking. 

This year our objective is to host events that will support our members' development activities as noted by the Chartered Accountants Ireland Career Pathway tool.

Our 2019/2020 Theme

This year's theme will focus on Leadership and the three dimensions that are important for effective Leadership. These are Personal, Process and People which are all inextricably linked and equally important.

Personal: The best leaders are constant learners.  Part of this is learning about new concepts and ideas (often unrelated to our core discipline), critical skills for leaders and continuous self improvement. HBR Learning Leadership.

Process: Every leader has a mission and a process to complete it. Incorporating the best ideas into practice to continually improve process as a team is an important focus for a leader.  Improving the process.

People: "Mission first, people always".  Completing a company's mission is critical to its survival, but no mission can be completed without the commitment of its empowered people. As a leader it's important to learn how to balance and meet the needs of both. Mission first, people always.

Our 2019/2020 Events

This year, the Young Professionals will host events that aim to develop each dimension of Leadership and give you an opportunity to build your professional network. 

The topics have been selected to facilitate discussion and foster peer to peer learning. 

October 2019


November 2019

Fun Collaboration with the Young Solicitors

January 2020


February 2020

Well-being Event

March 2020



YP Annual BBQ

April 2020

Personal Finance

May 2020

Cross Collaboration

June 2020


To keep up to date with our news and events, please follow us on our Young Professional events on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as the Chartered Accountants Ireland Facebook page.

We would also encourage any member who is interested in getting involved or has an idea for the committee (including potential speakers) to contact us by email on youngprofessionals@charteredaccountants.ie - we would be delighted to hear from you!

Drop us a line

Drop us a line to get involved!
E: youngprofessionals@charteredaccountants.ie

Brightwater, proud sponsor and partner of the Young Professionals and all upcoming events.


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