Our Members




To enhance our lifelong learning proposition so that it is member-focused, relevant, cost-effective and meets the needs of all members in an ever-changing environment.

This will include increased focus on the best and most appropriate training and education outcomes for members from across all providers. This may require additional use of both formal and informal partnering (particularly in areas outside of Chartered Accountants Ireland’s core competence), advising on alternative providers and the appropriate use of technology. It may also include a greater focus on the accreditation associated with Chartered Accountants Ireland’s programmes.

Chartered Accountants Ireland will be positioned as the trusted source of recommended courses. The Chartered Accountants Ireland website will be positioned as the definitive guide to training options and associated CPD accreditation.

  • Permanent taskforce, chaired by a Council member, to be established to review Chartered Accountants Ireland’s current proposition and consider options to develop the member-focused approach further and implement key actions.
  • Ongoing development over the five years of this strategy.
  • Increased satisfaction with Chartered Accountants Ireland’s role in lifelong learning.
  • Increased uptake of lifelong learning sourced through Chartered Accountants Ireland.
  • More relevant range of options from a wider variety of providers.
  • Most members use Chartered Accountants Ireland (or its website) to organise their lifelong learning needs.

To maintain our role as regulator of all Chartered Accountants, so public confidence in the profession is maintained and enhanced. Our commitment to maintain the regulation of our members as Chartered Accountants holds true in the context of the transfer of the regulation of PIE (Public Interest Entities) auditors to IAASA (Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority).

It is a principle that in the first instance regulation should be supportive of members in their day-to-day professional lives, backed with stringent but appropriate discipline.

  • Activity progressing over lifetime of this plan, with details to be finalised in conjunction with the transfer of responsibility for PIE audit regulation to IAASA.
  • Increased member satisfaction with Chartered Accountants Ireland as a regulator.
  • Increased confidence in regulation by external stakeholders.

To align more fully with Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) to facilitate student progression and the delivery of a wider range of services to ATI members.

In 2016 this will require a significant exercise in terms of curriculum integration.

  • Curriculum review in 2016 for alignment in 2017.
  • Revised suite of services launched to ATI members in Q1 2016.
  • Reduced churn in membership and increased satisfaction in ATI.
  • Greater pull-through of students from ATI to Chartered Accountants Ireland.

To build greater relevance for all members – including those living overseas, those in the public sector, members in business (where accounting or finance is their central role or not) and members in practice – so they remain members of Chartered Accountants Ireland and act as advocates for the profession.

  • Implement a process and culture of member-centric innovation that delivers products and services that are increasingly relevant to the needs of our members.
  • Increased advocacy, satisfaction and relevance scores for overseas, public sector and members in business.
  • Stable or decreasing attrition rate for segments.