Our Voice




To speak as the public voice of the profession to provide the perspective of Chartered Accountants to the ongoing national discourse in areas of relevance.

This must include being a public voice for the business community generally, while also being a clear voice for Chartered Accountants.

Our voice must be consistent and strong, and it must be delivered in a consistent way by externally-facing commentators.

  • This is an iterative process, and must be maintained and developed over a long number of years to be effective.
  • Areas of interest to be identified and the appropriate people provided with individual goals to make it happen.
  • Immediate commencement.
  • Be a leading voice on ethics.
  • Increased media presence in targeted areas.
  • Increased invitations to address issues by policy makers.
  • Increased visibility to members in representing their legitimate needs.

To take a more proactive position in strategically shaping good regulation generally (e.g. Finance Acts, Companies Bill, Central Bank, accounting standards, more understandable financial reporting) and representing the perspective of the profession in promoting the development of effective and balanced regulation.

Chartered Accountants Ireland will become increasingly proactive. This should link into our greater competence in research and innovation.

Enhance two-way communications with members on the work of Chartered Accountants Ireland in this area.

  • Develop a stakeholder engagement plan that uses research and innovation expertise.
  • Develop a public position on what constitutes good regulation.
  • Put in place a programme of member updates on regulation and research.
  • Increased level of influence in the development of future legislation and regulation.
  • Increased satisfaction of members in relation to our representation role.

To increase the promotion of the Chartered Accountants brand to communicate the breadth of competencies of a Chartered Accountant and the value of training, employing or engaging the services of a Chartered Accountant.

This will also include increased promotion at second and third levels of education to support our need to attract the brightest and the best students in an increasingly competitive market for talent.

  • Implement the communications programme.
  • Expand communications activities at second and third levels of education, working closely with stakeholders..
  • Increased member satisfaction with promotion of the Chartered Accountants Ireland brand.
  • Positive move in awareness for Chartered Accountants Ireland brand.
  • Increased percentage of top graduates from the top degree courses entering the profession.