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The Versatile Profession: A History of Accountancy in Ireland since 1850

The Versatile ProfessionAuthor: Tony Farmar

Summary: The Irish accountancy profession has achieved extraordinary prominence and success. In business, accountants are active as executives and managers, as well as members and leaders of company boards; in professional practice, accountants are responsible for the audit or consultancy requirements of corporations, charities and government.

The Versatile Profession shows how accountancy achieved this prominence. Informed by its exploration of the wider social and business background, North and South, this new history describes how Irish accountancy was able to remodel itself, its structures and services, as new opportunities opened.

A Practical Guide to New UK and Irish GAAP

A Practical Guide to New UK and Irish GAAP

Author: Robert Kirk

Summary: The publication, in March 2013, of a new financial reporting standard replacing all existing SSAPs and FRSs marked a major change in financial reporting for Ireland and the United Kingdom. Essentially, it requires most non-listed companies to abandon national accounting rules and replace them with a single new standard, FRS 102 The FRS Applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland

FRS 102 The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland – September 2015

FRS 102 September 2015


Summary: The latest version of FRS 102 The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland, as updated in September 2015, now available.

Double Entry Book-keeping Toolkit

Image of Double Entry Book-keeping Toolkit

Author: Chartered Accountants Ireland

Summary: Double Entry Book-keeping Toolkit presents the basic principles of Double Entry Book-keeping and provides sample questions and assessments based on Chartered Accountants Ireland CA Proficiency 1 Double Entry Book-keeping Assessment.


Financial Accounting Toolkit (CA Proficiency 1)

Financial Accounting Toolkit CAP 1Author: Chartered Accountants Ireland
Summary: Financial Accounting Toolkit, fully updated in 2015, accompanies the textbook An Introduction to Financial Accounting by Margaret D'Arcy, and is intended for students at CA Proficiency 1 level of Chartered Accountants Ireland Professional Course.

Crack the Books: Accounting for Non-Accountants

Crack The Books CoverAuthor: June Menton
Summary: This is an essential guide for people starting a business, trainee accountants and non-accountants seeking to gain an insight into accounting principles.

Strategies in Management Accounting: A series of essays

Strategies in Management AccountingAuthor: Peter Clarke
Summary: This book is a guide for anyone studying, practising or researching in the area on Management Accounting. It offers two decades of published thought leadership on this core accounting subject.

Strategic Finance and Management Accounting Toolkit (CA Proficiency 2)

SFMA Toolkit Author: Chartered Accountants Ireland
Summary: Strategic Finance and Management Accounting Toolkit accompanies the main textbooks Finance: Theory and Practice 3rd Edition, by Anne Marie Ward and Managerial Accounting: Costing, Decision-making and Control 2nd Edition by Peter Clarke for students at CA Proficiency 2 level.

Managerial Accounting: Costing, Decision-making and Control 3rd Edition

Clarke Managerial Accounting 3ed


Author: Peter Clarke
Summary: This new edition of Managerial Accounting: Costing, Decision-making and Control highlights the accumulation and use of management accounting information for decision-making within the context of organisational strategy and control, and also discusses important developments in the discipline.

Accounting and Reporting by Charities in the Republic of Ireland

Image of Accounting and Reporting by CharitiesAuthor: Teresa Harrington
Summary: This book sets out an analysis and discussion of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in Ireland (Irish GAAP) as it applies to charities in the Republic of Ireland.

Accounting for Retailers: An Industry Guide Under FRS 102

Accounting for Retailers: An Industry Guide Under FRS 102Author: Kevin McSharry
Summary: This new book is a step-by-step guide, offering practical advice on implementing the mandatory requirements of FRS 102 by explaining and simplifying accounting transactions with particular emphasis on retail sector scenarios.

Case Studies in Advanced Financial Reporting

Casey and KearneyAuthor: John Casey and Clare Kearney
Summary: Designed for students on financial reporting modules of Masters in Accounting programmes and for students studying for the later stages of the financial reporting examinations of the professional accounting bodies, this new textbook presents a series of case studies, with detailed and comprehensive solutions, showing how to apply the principles of international standards of financial accounting to companies in real-world situations.

Cases and Solutions in International Financial Reporting Standards 4th Edition

NEW EDITION – NOW AVAILABLE Cases and Solutions in IFRS 4ed

Author: Derry Cotter
Summary: This book offers a broad range of case study material in the area of international financial reporting standards. Each case provides examples of how IASs and IFRSs are applied in practice. The book is targeted both at accounting practitioners and at final year undergraduate and post-graduate students, as well as those preparing for examinations of the professional accountancy bodies.


Cases and Solutions in Management Accounting and Business Finance 3rd Edition

Cases and Solutions in Management Accounting and Business Finance 3ed

Editors: Noel Hyndman & Donal McKillop 

SummaryThis comprehensive book offers case study material specific to the core areas of management accounting and business finance. It is targeted at postgraduate and final-year undergraduate accounting and business students, as well as those studying for examinations of the professional accountancy bodies. The solutions, now included in the same volume as the cases, have been prepared by the authors and contain computations for quantitative requirements, discussions of qualitative factors and recommended courses of action.

Consolidated Financial Statements 2nd Edition

Consolidated Financial Statements 2ed

A Step-by-step Approach

Authors: Paul Mahony & Niall MacLochlainn
Summary: Written and designed to make consolidation more approachable for the student, this book leads the reader, using a step-by-step approach, through the consolidation of financial statements, supported by numerous examples, comprehensive questions and fully worked solutions including those from past professional accountancy examination papers.

This 2nd edition is updated to reflect the new and revised international accounting standards relating to consolidated financial statements; the chapters have been re-ordered to increase clarity.

International Financial Accounting and Reporting 5th Edition

International Financial Accounting and Reporting 5ed


Author: Ciaran Connolly


This seminal Irish textbook, written by a leading academic with an extensive background in accountancy practice, is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to appraise underlying accounting concepts and apply extant IASs and IFRSs. Each chapter includes clearly defined learning outcomes, supported by worked examples and an extensive range of review and challenging questions, and a separate section which addresses FRS 102.

An Introduction to Financial Accounting

Introduction to Financial AccountingNOW AVAILABLE

Author: Margaret D'Arcy

Summary: Written by one of the most experienced lecturers on the Chartered Accountants Ireland education programme, this new student-focused textbook provides a easy-to-understand and comprehensive guide for those who are either commencing their studies in financial accounting or trying to gain an appreciation of the basic concepts of accounting, including and emphasising the principles of double-entry bookkeeping.

Accounting in Irish Hospitals

Accounting in Irish Hospitals CoverAuthor: Geraldine Robbins
Summary: Accounting in Irish Hospitals: Contradictions and Tensions explores the developments in accounting that have/have not coincided with changes in management practices in four Irish hospitals, situated across two former Health Board areas.

Financial Statements Disclosure Checklist 2015 ROI

Financial Statements Disclosure Checklist 2015 ROI


Benchmark your compliance with FRS 102 and the Companies Act 2014.
A combined checklist dealing with the disclosure requirements of FRS 102 and the new Companies Act 2014, this is an essential tool for anyone preparing or auditing financial statements under the new standard and legislation.

The Valuation of Businesses and Shares 2nd Edition

Valuation of Businesses and Shares 2nd Edition


Author: Des Peelo
Summary: The Valuation of Businesses and Shares from one of Ireland’s leading valuation experts is a practical handbook on the subject, setting out guidelines, case histories, examples of valuations, and best practice for the busy practitioner in advising on valuations that may arise in many different circumstances. This new edition is updated and expanded to be of maximum benefit to the busy practitioner.

Audit Exempt 2013 ROI

Audit Exempt 2013 ROIAudit exempt clients may now be your practice’s biggest risk. With turnovers of up to €8.8m there are a lot of ways to get it wrong. Control the risk and improve the quality and efficiency of these assignments by using this toolkit.



Tax Gather & Check - Tax Checklists for 2015

Tax Gather & CheckThis popular tax toolkit contains 4 separate checklists on CD, designed to help you streamline your procedures and assist you in asking the right questions to capture essential details for 2015 Personal Tax and Corporation Tax returns in the Republic of Ireland.

Audit Exempt 2008 NI

Audit Exempt 2008 NIA Guide for Chartered Accountants is a comprehensive Excel-based guide from Chartered Accountants Ireland for accountants in practice who work with companies that qualify for audit exemption.





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