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Your Brand – Advance Your Career by Building a Personal Brand

Your Brand Advance Your Career by Building a Personal Brand

Author: Veronica Canning

Summary: Everyone has a personal brand. Your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. Do you want to take control of your personal brand? Do you want to have a proactive, purposeful personal brand, not merely an accidental one?

A Practical Guide to Value-added Tax

Practical Guide to Value-added TaxPUBLISHING MARCH

Authors: Finbarr O'Connell & Ethna Kennon
: The contribution of value-added tax receipts to the Irish Exchequer is substantial; approximately one quarter of the entire annual Exchequer revenue is now made up of VAT. Despite its importance, however, VAT law is full of grey areas where good arguments can be made for completely different VAT treatments when analysing the same transactions.

Small and Expanding Businesses: Getting the Tax Right

Small and Expanding Businesses: Getting the Tax RightNOW AVAILABLE

Author: Kerri O'Connell
: This book is a roadmap to the tax issues typically encountered by small and expanding businesses in Ireland, signposting the tax implications of a variety of business decisions. Written in an accessible style, it is aimed at the smart business owner as well as their professional advisors, particularly those who are not tax specialists. 

The Essential Manager: 30 Core Elements of Leadership

Larkin: The Essential Manager cover

Author: Enda Larkin

Summary: The Essential Manager is a collection of 30 essential building blocks for management success, organised into three interlinking parts: About You, About People, and About Business.

Managing Professionals and Other Smart People

Duff Managing Professionals and Other Smart PeopleAuthor: Dermot Duff

Summary: Managing Professionals and Other Smart People takes the best, most up-to-date theories and research about leadership, motivation, organisational strategy, etc., and applies them to real situations in professional firms and companies.

The book addresses:

  • How to manage clever people
  • How to motivate people who do creative, abstract and knowledge-based work
  • How to increase the effectiveness of professionals at work.

Meaningful Performance Reviews

Meaningful Performance Reviews

Author: Seán McLoughney

Summary: The performance management of people is a key issue for management. The purpose of this book is to help managers get the best out of the performance review process, particularly review meetings. Despite many organisations having structured performance management processes, there is still a lack of understanding about how to prepare and deliver effective performance review meetings.  

Family Business: A Survival Guide

Family Business

Author: Kieran McCarthy

Summary: “More than three quarters of businesses in Ireland are family-owned but less than a third make it through to the second generation.” (Sunday Independent, 13 January 2008)

Family businesses can be found in every sector of the economy, in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of size, however, running a successful family business brings unique challenges which can affect its chances of survival and the transition to the next generation.

A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance

Practical Guide to Corporate Governance

Author: David W. Duffy

Summary: Against the background of developments in corporate governance since the financial crisis, this book outlines the corporate governance framework and explains board evaluations, board restructuring, induction training, etc., for organisations across the public, non-profit and private sectors.

Leading with Integrity: A Practical Guide to Business Ethics

Leading with Integrity


Author: Ros O'Shea

Summary: Recent global economic crises have highlighted the devastating impact of business leaders becoming unmoored from an ethical base. Stakeholders now demand that they restore integrity at the heart of the enterprise. Leading with Integrity: A Practical Guide to Business Ethics equips business leaders and managers with the understanding and tools to set the right ‘tone at the top’, embedding a culture of integrity and compliance with ethical and organisational values.


Corporate Governance for the Irish Arts Sector

Corporate Governance for the Irish Arts Sector

Author: Penelope Kenny

Summary: Over the past few years, the Irish arts sector has suffered significant grant cuts, and is braced for more. In this environment, fundraising from various sources (other than the Arts Council) may well be the only way for arts organisations to survive and thrive. Thus, Irish arts organisations will need to become more ready to apply for and to receive funds from private and philanthropic sources. For this, they may require different governance structures, including more transparency and financial accountability. 

Capital Investment: A Guide to Making Better Decisions

Front cover of Capital Investment: A Guide to Making Better DecisionsAuthor: Gene Boyd
SummaryWritten by a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in business and industry, this guide presents a comprehensive and applied approach to assessing capital investment proposals, and the methods that can be used to help businesses develop and appraise proposals and achieve the optimal outcome. It is written for managers and senior management involved in the approval of capital investment proposals as well as financial controllers looking for a system to help ensure better investment decisions.


Strategic Cost Reduction 2nd Edition

Author: Tim McCormick and Dermot Duff
SummaryStrategic Cost Reduction takes a holistic approach to cost reduction, placing it in a wider strategic framework. Based on the experience of leading practitioners, it outlines the key tools available for, and potential pitfalls in, implementing sustainable change. It is aimed at managers, and their advisors, embarking on major cost reduction programmes.

Crack the Books: Accounting for Non-Accountants

Crack The Books CoverAuthor: June Menton
Summary: This is an essential guide for people starting a business, trainee accountants and non-accountants seeking to gain an insight into accounting principles.

The Natural Presenter

The Natural PresenterAuthor: Barry Brophy
Summary: The Natural Presenter tells you how to harness conversational energy and fluidity when making a presentation.

Slave to the Clock, Master of Time

Slave to the ClockAuthor: Sean McLoughney
Summary: Slave to the Clock, Master of Time will transform the way you use your time. It takes you on a step-by step journey to develop a personal time management strategy that will give you the time for personal and professional success.

Human Resource Management: A Guide for Employers

HRAuthor: Pat Sheridan
Summary: This title is aimed at owners, directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders and indeed anyone who has responsibility for the work of others.

Slave to a Job, Master of your Career

Slave to a Job, Master of Your Career - book imageAuthor: Sean McLoughney
Summary: To be employable in today's job market requires a new adaptable way of thinking and behaving. Slave to a Job, Master of your Career is a new book by Sean McLoughney that challenges people to change their mindset from being an employee to being an entrepreneur in the workplace.

Enterprise Risk Management

Image Enterprise Risk ManagementAuthor: Bevan Lloyd
Summary: The Combined Code on Corporate Governance (2008) requires that a board of directors maintain a sound system of internal control. This principle includes an, at least, annual review of all material controls and risk management systems. The purpose of this book is to create a detailed and practical guide to the actual mechanics of implementing such a risk management

Corporate Fraud

Corporate Fraud front coverAuthor: Andrew Brown
Summary: Using real-life examples, the book provides practical advice to anyone responsible for dealing with fraud on how they can reduce the risk of being a victim of fraud.

Strategic Finance and Management Accounting Toolkit (CA Proficiency 2)

SFMA Toolkit Author: Chartered Accountants Ireland
Summary: Strategic Finance and Management Accounting Toolkit accompanies the main textbooks Finance: Theory and Practice 3rd Edition, by Anne Marie Ward and Managerial Accounting: Costing, Decision-making and Control 2nd Edition by Peter Clarke for students at CA Proficiency 2 level.

Advanced Performance Management: An International Perspective

APMAuthor: Eoin McGettigan

Summary: Designed for Chartered Accountants Ireland’s FAE Elective programme, this textbook explains the nature of the challenges faced by multinational enterprises and explores potential solutions to overcome them. In particular, it explains why and how Irish companies internationalise their businesses and why international businesses may seek to operate in Ireland, north and south.


The Seven Cs of Business Recovery

Front cover image of The Seven Cs of Business RecoveryAuthor: Neil Hughes
Summary: This eBook for Kindle was previously published in paperback as Beating the Recession. It provides a framework to help businesses successfully trade through challenging economic conditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Front cover of Corporate Social Responsibility

Author Sheila Killian

Summary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the subject of widespread debate, which tends to centre on its integrity: are the initiatives ‘genuine’, or are they motivated by a firm’s desire to enhance its reputation? Does it matter what the motivation is, as long as some improvements are made? In this new book, Dr Sheila Killian addresses these questions.

Beating the Recession: The Seven Cs of Business Recovery

Beating the Recession - book imageAuthor: Neil Hughes
Summary: After more than a year of the hardest hitting recession in living memory, Irish business has been left shell-shocked. A generation of business owners and managers, who had been conditioned to only consider solutions that involved throwing (borrowed) money at a problem, are now compromised by the bust and ill-equipped to deal with the challenges they face.

The Valuation of Businesses and Shares 2nd Edition

Valuation of Businesses and Shares 2nd Edition


Author: Des Peelo
Summary: The Valuation of Businesses and Shares from one of Ireland’s leading valuation experts is a practical handbook on the subject, setting out guidelines, case histories, examples of valuations, and best practice for the busy practitioner in advising on valuations that may arise in many different circumstances. This new edition is updated and expanded to be of maximum benefit to the busy practitioner.

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