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Family Business: A Survival Guide

Family Business

Author: Kieran McCarthy

Summary: “More than three quarters of businesses in Ireland are family-owned but less than a third make it through to the second generation.” (Sunday Independent, 13 January 2008)

Family businesses can be found in every sector of the economy, in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of size, however, running a successful family business brings unique challenges which can affect its chances of survival and the transition to the next generation.

A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance

Practical Guide to Corporate Governance

Author: David W. Duffy

Summary: Against the background of developments in corporate governance since the financial crisis, this book outlines the corporate governance framework and explains board evaluations, board restructuring, induction training, etc., for organisations across the public, non-profit and private sectors.

Leading with Integrity: A Practical Guide to Business Ethics

Leading with Integrity


Author: Ros O'Shea

Summary: Recent global economic crises have highlighted the devastating impact of business leaders becoming unmoored from an ethical base. Stakeholders now demand that they restore integrity at the heart of the enterprise. Leading with Integrity: A Practical Guide to Business Ethics equips business leaders and managers with the understanding and tools to set the right ‘tone at the top’, embedding a culture of integrity and compliance with ethical and organisational values.


Corporate Governance for the Irish Arts Sector

Corporate Governance for the Irish Arts Sector

Author: Penelope Kenny

Summary: Over the past few years, the Irish arts sector has suffered significant grant cuts, and is braced for more. In this environment, fundraising from various sources (other than the Arts Council) may well be the only way for arts organisations to survive and thrive. Thus, Irish arts organisations will need to become more ready to apply for and to receive funds from private and philanthropic sources. For this, they may require different governance structures, including more transparency and financial accountability. 

Credit Unions in Ireland

Credit UnionsAuthors: Donal McKillop, Peter Goth and Noel Hyndman,
SummaryCredit unions are a unique brand of financial institution – they are not-for-profit, cooperative, member-owned, voluntary yet value-driven. There are over 600 credit unions in Ireland, serving 3 million members. The Irish credit union movement is a modern financial phenomenon with unique market penetration, even in a global context. 

Enterprise Risk Management

Image Enterprise Risk ManagementAuthor: Bevan Lloyd
Summary: The Combined Code on Corporate Governance (2008) requires that a board of directors maintain a sound system of internal control. This principle includes an, at least, annual review of all material controls and risk management systems. The purpose of this book is to create a detailed and practical guide to the actual mechanics of implementing such a risk management

Corporate Fraud

Corporate Fraud front coverAuthor: Andrew Brown
Summary: Using real-life examples, the book provides practical advice to anyone responsible for dealing with fraud on how they can reduce the risk of being a victim of fraud.

The Business Compass

front cover of The Business CompassSummaryThe Business Compass brings together seven practical perspectives on business ethics from accountants with experience of working in various sectors of the economy including practice, industry, the public sector, academe, banking and international non-governmental organisations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Front cover of Corporate Social Responsibility

Author Sheila Killian

Summary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the subject of widespread debate, which tends to centre on its integrity: are the initiatives ‘genuine’, or are they motivated by a firm’s desire to enhance its reputation? Does it matter what the motivation is, as long as some improvements are made? In this new book, Dr Sheila Killian addresses these questions.

An Introduction to Business Law in Northern Ireland 2nd Edition

Introduction to Business Law in Northern Ireland 2edNEW EDITION – NOW AVAILABLE

Author: Lisa Sturgeon
Summary: An Introduction to Business Law in Northern Ireland 2nd Edition is a unique textbook, designed to provide a framework of relevant law for students whose primary areas of study are in business and accountancy.

An Introduction to Business Law 2ed

An Introduction Business Law 2edNOW AVAILABLE

Author: Vaeni Mac Donnell
Summary: This new edition of An Introduction to Business Law is designed to provide a framework of relevant Irish law for students whose primary areas of study are in business and accountancy.

The Valuation of Businesses and Shares 2nd Edition

Valuation of Businesses and Shares 2nd Edition


Author: Des Peelo
Summary: The Valuation of Businesses and Shares from one of Ireland’s leading valuation experts is a practical handbook on the subject, setting out guidelines, case histories, examples of valuations, and best practice for the busy practitioner in advising on valuations that may arise in many different circumstances. This new edition is updated and expanded to be of maximum benefit to the busy practitioner.

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