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Members' Voluntary Liquidation Workpack

Members' Voluntary Liquidation WorkpackNOW AVAILABLE

Author: Jim Luby

Summary: This workpack is intended to be of assistance to practitioners who are either active in the area of liquidation or are called upon from time to time to give advice in this specialised area of accountancy.

The Tax Implications of Business Recovery and Insolvency in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK

Tax Implications of Business Recovery and Insolvency

Authors: Paddy Harty & Alison Burnside

Summary: Set against the current economic climate and the significant growth in business restructuring and insolvency, this new book from the team at FPM is a timely treatment of taxes within the various insolvency and business recovery procedures. It will assist accountants in practice and in business to achieve the best results for their clients and their businesses. The cross-jurisdictional approach is unique and the comparative treatment of Irish and UK/NI law, guidance and best practice (showing interdependence) is also likely to be valued. The chapters are designed as a series of comparative tables providing the answers to key questions under each area of insolvency and business recovery.

Family Business: A Survival Guide

Family Business

Author: Kieran McCarthy

Summary: “More than three quarters of businesses in Ireland are family-owned but less than a third make it through to the second generation.” (Sunday Independent, 13 January 2008)

Family businesses can be found in every sector of the economy, in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of size, however, running a successful family business brings unique challenges which can affect its chances of survival and the transition to the next generation.

Strategic Cost Reduction 2nd Edition

Author: Tim McCormick and Dermot Duff
SummaryStrategic Cost Reduction takes a holistic approach to cost reduction, placing it in a wider strategic framework. Based on the experience of leading practitioners, it outlines the key tools available for, and potential pitfalls in, implementing sustainable change. It is aimed at managers, and their advisors, embarking on major cost reduction programmes.

The Seven Cs of Business Recovery

Front cover image of The Seven Cs of Business RecoveryAuthor: Neil Hughes
Summary: This eBook for Kindle was previously published in paperback as Beating the Recession. It provides a framework to help businesses successfully trade through challenging economic conditions.



A Practical Guide to Insolvency 2nd Edition

Practical Guide to Insolvency 2ed

Now Available

Author: Deloitte

Summary: Written by leading insolvency partners at Deloitte, this is an easy-to-use guide to the complexities of insolvency in Ireland for business managers, accountants and other professionals. It will enable you to understand insolvency and advise your clients or your company. This desktop manual on the basics of insolvency is a valuable tool for accountants in practice and in industry, for solicitors, bankers, credit controllers, or for business owners and managers who may be facing insolvency-related issues.

Beating the Recession: The Seven Cs of Business Recovery

Beating the Recession - book imageAuthor: Neil Hughes
Summary: After more than a year of the hardest hitting recession in living memory, Irish business has been left shell-shocked. A generation of business owners and managers, who had been conditioned to only consider solutions that involved throwing (borrowed) money at a problem, are now compromised by the bust and ill-equipped to deal with the challenges they face.

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By Veronica Canning
A successful personal brand is a definer of career success. This book will inspire you, give you realistic advice and actionable strategies to build a remarkable personal brand that will move you to the next level.

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