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Here you will find in one dedicated place all the information on iXBRL as published previously in Chartered Accountants Tax eNews and links to other relevant iXBRL information sources. Contact us at xbrl@charteredaccountants.ie

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In advance of the 23 December iXBRL filing deadline for companies with December 2017 year ends, filers are reminded that since 1 August 2018, the FRS 101+DPL, FRS 102 + DPL or EU IFRS +DPL taxonomies must be used for iXBRL submission for accounting periods ending on or after 1 January 2015. More information can also be found in e-Brief 154 of 2018.   

Dec 10, 2018

As we approach peak filing season for iXBRL returns, Revenue have tidied up the iXBRL Tax and Duty manual.  iXBRL FAQs have been amalgamated into the guidance.  You can still see the original FAQs in Appendix II and details of other changes to the manual are listed in Appendix III.  Read Revenue’s e-Brief on the new Tax and Duty manual.

Dec 10, 2018
Tax RoI

We are aware of a small number of instances where uploads of iXBRL tagged financial statements are becoming stuck at the ‘processing’ stage of the upload on ROS.  Revenue has informed us that they aware of this issue and have advised impacted filers to contact the ROS help desk when they become aware that this problem has occurred in order to get it resolved.  

Sep 03, 2018