Professional Standards

PSD recognises that regulatory compliance and associated issues may not currently be a high priority for firms.  Where firms are involved in specific regulatory or disciplinary processes, the Institute will work with you to find appropriate solutions and agree appropriate timelines for specific matters to be addressed.  We shall be adopting a reasonable and pragmatic approach to this.

 Firms that are due a Quality Review visit in the near future will have been notified (or are in the process of being so) of the deferral of such ‘face to face’ visits.  PSD may suggest that such visits be conducted on a desktop or remote basis but only where this is appropriate and with the agreement of the firm.

 Changes to authorisations/licensing requirements can be notified to If possible, please avoid sending in a hard copy.  We will do our best to respond to your queries as soon as possible but please be aware that there are likely to be delays due to the current disruption to normal work practices.

 For general regulatory queries or information please email us at

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