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When I failed SFMA and Financial Reporting, it felt like an unexpected break-up. I hadn’t anticipated failing. All that time invested in study and now I had to start all over again!Work smarter, not harderBut that’s just it- you’ve already put in the hard work and laid the foundation. You are not starting from scratch. This time round it’s about working smarter, not harder. Use your time and energy wisely.Take a few days for yourself if you need to. It is a form of loss and can be a very lonely time. Talk things through with supportive people, indulge in some self-care and do things that make you happy.I remember the Partner in my Department calling me at the time and encouraging me to “get back up on the horse!”. That’s what I did and know that you can, too.Ways to get back on trackCapitalise on the time and energy you’ve already invested studying by preparing for the repeat in the following ways:Boost your confidence. It’s helpful to write down all of your achievements to date, as far back as you can remember. Look at them- aren’t you proud? Reflect on your study routine and exam technique. Be honest with yourself:-What do you need to do more of? What do you need to do less of?-What should you do differently?-What can you start doing?-What must you stop doing altogether?  You know best! What resources are available to help you?You are not on your own with this challenge. Utilise the resources available to you, which include:-          Role models- Senior colleagues may surprise you by sharing their stories of failure with you. When I realised that others ahead of me had failed, I felt less alone and also realised that I could still advance in my career even after this set-back. You can learn from others how they achieved success when it seemed impossible. -          Additional classes and grinds-Taking additional classes run by Chartered Accountants Ireland was really valuable. A group of us who were repeating also arranged a day of grinds which was very beneficial. -          Help from colleagues and peers- Reach out to people who have sat exams recently. I received a great deal of support from colleagues the year ahead of me when I struggled with past paper questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice. Most people will be happy to assist, as they’ve been there too! You might also arrange calls and study sessions with others who are repeating where you can share thoughts. -          CA support- CA Support are here to assist you and can be contacted on email at casupport@charteredaccountants.ie or on 01 637 7342 or 086 024 3294.  There are also other video supports and articles available on our site.  Ease back into study by reading relevant articles that make the subject come to life for you and keep it interesting. Make it an activity that you enjoy and build your confidence back up this way! While the process is still fresh in your mind, going through as many sample questions and past papers as you can may be easier than immediately going back to the text books.  Take time for you every day. Your well-being is more important than anything else, so do something that you love daily. Prioritise yourself and make sure that you eat well, get enough exercise, fresh air and rest. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to have tunnel vision when in study-mode.And finally…This experience is a tough one to go through. It might feel very unfair, stressful and worrying. Please know that even if it doesn’t seem like it right now, it will all come together in the end and although it sounds cliché, you will be stronger. You may become a future specialist in an area because of the additional time you’ve had to spend studying it! Opportunities can come from the most surprising places. As you continue your studies, celebrate the results that you have already achieved in your life!By Charlotte Keating. Charlotte is a Chartered Accountant and the founder of Act On It Coaching, www.actonitcoaching.comCA Support is here to support our students, members, and their families. Contact the CA Support team on mobile: (353) 86 024 3294 or email:  casupport@charteredaccountants.ie 

Sep 29, 2020

E-assessment announced In May, it was announced that all 2020 exams (CAP1, CAP2 and FAE) will take place using online invigilation.  E-assessment information, guidance and support resources To help students plan and prepare for taking e-assessments, we have created supports and resources to guide. These include: First things first: what you need to know and do before anything else Key practical information: what is being examined online, scheduling exams and more Practice papers E-assessment FAQs We understand that this is new to most and you may still have questions. Have a look here to see if your question appears.    

Jun 03, 2020

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chartered Accountants Ireland has worked with training firms, regulators, CASSI (the student representative body) and other stakeholders to consider all options, to ensure that the 2020 examinations take place.   In the current circumstances, Chartered Accountants Ireland, in partnership with our training firms, has announced its intention to move to remote “live” proctored (invigilated) E-Assessment for the 2020 examinations for CAP1, CAP2 and FAE. This decision was communicated to all students earlier this week, as well as the supports to be made available to students in transitioning to E-Assessments and key exam dates.     Director of Education & Training with Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ronan O’Loughlin, said:  “The Institute’s aim throughout has been and remains to provide training firms and students with the certainty of examinations in 2020, while putting the health and well-being of students, staff and other parties at the core of the issue.   The Institute acknowledges the support and assistance we have received to date from all firms, in carefully assessing the options available. Indeed, this cooperation and support has enabled the progress made to date.”  More information on the workings of E-Assessments, supports for students and key dates is available here: EAssessment May 2020. 

May 22, 2020
Press release

Chartered Accountants Ireland is continuing to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation.  The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and lecturers is our primary concern and forms the basis of our decision-making process.  Communications have issued today (Monday 23 March 2020) to all students and training firms The notice to students and to training firms is summarised as follows, but impacted students should consult the Institute’s communication in detail. Face-to-face lectures postponed Following consultations with member firms and student representatives, Chartered Accountants Ireland has announced that it has suspended all face-to-face classes for the remainder of the 2019/2020 education programme.  Students are being directed to existing pre-recorded sessions available on the Institute website.   A number of additional recorded sessions and webinars will be made available to students over the remainder of the programme.  FAE integrated case days will be offered by way of remote learning through a combination of videos and webinars. Examinations Chartered Accountants Ireland’s exam dates for the 2019/20 academic cycle are being rescheduled due to the evolving COVID-19 situation. These exam date changes are as follows. Mock exams: there is no change to our CAP1 Mocks which are offered on a self-directed basis.  Chartered Accountants Ireland will not run physical mock examinations for CAP2 or FAE.  All CAP2 and FAE students will be provided with mock exam papers through the student portal and asked to complete the exam at home.  Mock scripts for CAP1, CAP2 and FAE will not be marked but tutorial sessions reviewing mocks will be provided.  Main exams: The CAP1 main exams originally scheduled for May will now be held on the week commencing 31 August 2020.  The same exam timetable will apply as scheduled for the May exam. The CAP2 main exams that were to be held in June will now be held on the week commencing 10 August 2020.  The same exam timetable will apply in August as planned for the June exam. The FAE main exams will still be held on the week commencing 17 August 2020 as originally planned.   No date has been finalised as yet as to when CAP1/CAP2 Re-sit exams will take place.  The FAE Re-sit exams will still take place as scheduled for the week commencing 4 January 2021.  Study leave: It has been agreed that for students operating within a training contract the available study leave will be split between a period in line with the original planned study leave, and a period prior to the examinations.  This split is designed to balance the needs of students and employers in a fair way.  The quantum of study leave does not change.  The exact timing and split of the study leave should be discussed with employers.   Commencement of the 2020/21 education programme: No date has been finalised as yet as to when the 2020-21 education programme will take place. Enrolment closing dates will be notified once finalised.  Education contacts: Lecture queries: Please do contact us with any queries you might have, preferably by email, as we are working remotely in the main.  CAP1@charteredaccountants.ie / CAP2@charteredaccountants.ie / FAE@charteredaccountants.ie / Studentqueries@charteredaccountants.ie Exams:  CAP1Exam@charteredaccountants.ie / CAP2Exam@charteredaccountants.ie / FAEExam@charteredaccountants.ie.  Chartered Accountants Ireland professional development programmes All participants on classroom sessions of Specialist Qualifications have been contacted and are now being facilitated online.  All scheduled assessments for these programmes will be conducted online.  The situation will be reviewed on an ongoing basis in line with HSE and Department of Health guidance. Participants on any of these programmes who need assistance should contact diplomas@charteredaccountants.ie.  Finally, as noted at the start of this message the Institute’s primary concern is for the safety of its students, members, lecturers, staff and all other partners.

Mar 23, 2020

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