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Chartered Accountants Ireland’s members across the globe represent a unique network of experienced business people, each with their own contacts and resources.  We have members in the Middle East, Brazil, China, Hong Kong to name a few, as well as more established locations such as USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia.  As such, members of Chartered Accountants Ireland are singularly well positioned to facilitate conversations between potential investors and institute members on the ground who share a common sector or industry.  

The range of supports and resources within the remit of our FDI project are outlined below.  For general inquiries and to start a conversation on investing in Ireland, please contact us below:

Chartered Accountants Ireland FDI
The Linenhall
32-38 Linenhall St
Belfast BT28BG
Tel: +44 2890 435840
Fax: +44 2890 230071
Twitter: CharteredAccIrl

Business Networks

On a more local level, institute members regularly meet in active networks in every part of Ireland and have an excellent insight into business supports and activity in their areas.  Currently 30 such networks currently exist and more can be created abroad. 

Virtual networks – Linked In

As with any diverse spread of professionals in our age of social media, the world is a smaller place and it’s easier than ever to stay connected. Chartered Accountants Ireland members communicate and debate using the prominent online platforms (Linked In, Facebook and Twitter). The institute utilises an online network in Linked In with 4,800 users.  There is an extensive range of specialist discussion groups.  As part of the Institute’s FDI project, we have created one sub-group with special emphasis on FDI     and an online FDI Linked In network has been created.  We will facilitate discussion and assistance on potential FDI projects and provide any support required. 

Staying in contact

As you would expect from an institute representing members across the globe, Chartered Accountants Ireland is in regular communication with its 3,500 overseas members, using a range of communication platforms, and this can play a key role in driving inward investment projects to Ireland and answering queries or issues effectively.  Members receive a weekly eNewsletter, Chartered Accountants News which issues to 24,000 members and students every Friday, and contains the main news for the institute community, news stories from the press and radio, professional technical updates, event details and regional messages.  We will shortly include an update message from our overseas members in eNews.  A suite of 10 other newsletters are focused on tax, financial services, governance, leadership and IT, to name a few. 

Members or anyone interested in finding out more about investing in Ireland should email, and we will aim to find the best way to access our network of members.

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