GDPR resources for practices

The guidance and resources included on this page have been developed by the Institute Practice Consulting team and specifically address the needs of both members in practice and their clients, as they work towards achieving GDPR compliance.

This is part of a live series of guidance designed to answer the questions that members have been asking the Institute about GDPR since early 2018. As more guidance becomes available or when there are updates to existing guidance, these will be added here.

In addition, we have included here specific Guidance for Insolvency Practitioners as jointly developed by Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies – Ireland (CCAB –I) and issued in May 2019 by the Institute in the form of a Technical Release

Practice Consulting has also developed a half day consultation offering to assist practices meet the particular challenges that GDPR implementation brings. As part of this consultation, one of our team can visit your firm and offer practical advice and guidance on how to tailor your procedures, make progress on your GDPR journey, and meet key compliance milestones. 

If you have any question in relation to GDPR, please feel free to contact either Conal or Jeremy in Practice Consulting by email at or by telephone at 01 637 7300.