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The Versatile Profession: A History of Accountancy in Ireland since 1850

The Versatile ProfessionAuthor: Tony Farmar

Summary: The Irish accountancy profession has achieved extraordinary prominence and success. In business, accountants are active as executives and managers, as well as members and leaders of company boards; in professional practice, accountants are responsible for the audit or consultancy requirements of corporations, charities and government.

The Versatile Profession shows how accountancy achieved this prominence. Informed by its exploration of the wider social and business background, North and South, this new history describes how Irish accountancy was able to remodel itself, its structures and services, as new opportunities opened.

Recounting: The First One Hundred Years of the Ulster Society of Chartered Accountants

Recounting Author: Don Anderson

Summary: This book has been produced to mark the Centenary of the Ulster Society of Chartered Accountants, a district society of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ireland's oldest and largest professional body of accountants.

Leading with Integrity: A Practical Guide to Business Ethics

Leading with Integrity


Author: Ros O'Shea

Summary: Recent global economic crises have highlighted the devastating impact of business leaders becoming unmoored from an ethical base. Stakeholders now demand that they restore integrity at the heart of the enterprise. Leading with Integrity: A Practical Guide to Business Ethics equips business leaders and managers with the understanding and tools to set the right ‘tone at the top’, embedding a culture of integrity and compliance with ethical and organisational values.


Credit Unions in Ireland

Credit unions are a unique brand of financial institution – they are not-for-profit, cooperative, member-owned, voluntary yet value-driven. There are over 600 credit unions in Ireland, serving 3 million members. The Irish credit union movement is a modern financial phenomenon with unique market penetration, even in a global context. 

Public Private Partnerships in Ireland

Image of Public Private Partnerships in IrelandAuthor: Ciaran Connolly and Tony Wall

Summary: Although Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have been in operation for more than a decade, much of the evidence as to their impact is still contradictory and inconclusive, with little or no research being conducted in an Irish context. This book seeks to redress this lack of research into an important subject.


The Minority Interest: Women Who Succeed in the Accounting Profession

Front cover of The Minority InterestAuthor: Patricia Barker Summary: In 1918, there were no women Chartered Accountants. By 1980, women represented 1.5% of the total membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, and in 2009, the figure had increased dramatically to 30%.


The Implementation of Accruals Accounting in the Irish Public Sector

Accruals Accounting in the Irish Public SectorAuthor: Noel Hyndman and Ciaran Connolly
Summary: Over the last 25 years, numerous changes have occurred in the public sector in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and UK. Collectively, these adjustments have been referred to as New Public Management (NPM) and are viewed as ways of improving planning, controlling, transparency and accountability. In tandem with NPM reforms, many governments around the world have made the transition from cash to accruals accounting, a move which facilitates comparisons with private sector providers of public services.


The Business Compass

 brings together seven practical perspectives on business ethics from accountants with experience of working in various sectors of the economy including practice, industry, the public sector, academe, banking and international non-governmental organisations.

Learning with Case Studies: Practical Approaches to the Large Class Challenge (Article 2)

Authors: John Doran, Margaret Healy, Maeve McCutcheon and Steve O’Callaghan
Summary: Enabling student learning via case-based teaching in large classes can challenge many educators. This article documents one example of addressing those challenges, describing how the authors structured the learning activities and assessment tasks.


Learning with Case Studies: Practical Approaches to the Large Class Challenge

Authors: John Doran, Margaret Healy, Maeve McCutcheon and Steve O’Callaghan
Summary: This short research paper answers the question: How can we ensure that students using cases in large classes prepare the case in advance, work collectively, make meaningful contributions, ask questions of each other, participate in large class discussions....AND... achieve a valuable learning experience?


Accounting in Irish Hospitals

Accounting in Irish Hospitals CoverAuthor: Geraldine Robbins 
SummaryAccounting in Irish Hospitals: Contradictions and Tensionsexplores the developments in accounting that have/have not coincided with changes in management practices in four Irish hospitals, situated across two former Health Board areas.

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