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Financial Reporting  International Financial Reporting standards   The information under the heading ‘Access to the IASB standards (IFRSs and IASs)’ on this Technical Hub page explains how to access the Standards. 
  Financial Reporting Standards issued by the FRC   The standards (FRS 100 to FRS 105) and amendments made thereto, along with FRC Staff factsheets on aspects of FRS 102 are available on the FRC website 
  Statements of Recommended Practice (SORPs)    
Auditing   International standards on Auditing  

The ISAs Ireland can be downloaded from the IAASA website.

The UK Standards can be downloaded from the FRC website.

The International Standards can be downloaded from the IAASB website 
Insolvency  Statements of Insolvency Practice    
Companies Act 2014 (Ireland)  

The commencement, amendments and SIs made under the Act are available here.

The Revised Act which is an administrative consolidation of the Companies Act 2014 is available here
  Companies Act 2006 (UK)   Companies Act 2006 (As amended)
  Other legislation (Ireland)    
  Other legislation (UK)