Open consultations

Chartered Accountants Ireland respond to consultations from government bodies, regulators and standards setters which are deemed most relevant to members. 

The current consultations are listed below.

Consultation Submission  
Exposure Draft ED/2020/4 'Lease Liability in a Sale and Leaseback - Proposed amendment to IFRS 16' 
29 March 2021

Discussion Paper DP/2020/2 ‘Business Combinations under Common Control’ 

1 September 2021

Central bank of Ireland
Enhancing our Engagement with Stakeholders
 15 May 2021   
IESBA Proposes Holistic Approach to Defining a Public Interest Entity
 3 May 2021 
The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy  is seeking views on proposals to strengthen the UK’s framework for major companies and the way they are audited
 8 July 2021