Surviving Local Property Tax

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This book by Brian Keegan, Mary Roche and Norah Collender explains how to resolve all the common problems people face when dealing with Local Property Tax.

ISBN:  978-1-908199-73-7 
Published:  15/04/2014
Format:  Paperback, 120 pages
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Copyright date:  15/04/2014
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For the first time, Local Property Tax forces every homeowner in Ireland to deal directly with the Revenue Commissioners. 1.6 million of us have made property tax returns, but this new tax is far from simple and sometimes mistakes will only become apparent at the most critical time – when we go to sell a property. This book explains how to resolve all the common problems people face when dealing with Local Property Tax. For regular taxpayers, the issues surrounding who is liable, what happens when a property changes hands, and how to claim relief from the tax are explained in clear terms. The authors provide many real-life examples to illustrate what needs to be done, and when.

For accounting, legal and property professionals who need a more in-depth commentary on difficult issues, a unique section-by-section analysis of the legislation is also included.

Surviving Local Property Tax is an invaluable reference for those who either have to pay Local Property Tax, or advise on it.


  1. Introduction
  2. Liability for Local Property Tax
  3. Calculating Local Property Tax
  4. Returns, Payments and Payment Options
  5. Deferral of Local Property Tax
  6. Local Property Tax and Other Taxes
  7. Procedures and Enforcement
  8. Section-by-section Analysis of Local Property Tax Legislation

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The Authors

Brian Keegan is Director of Public Policy and Taxation with Chartered Accountants Ireland leading the Institute’s Tax Department in its information provision and representations work. He is widely known in the national media as a tax author, editor and commentator, and is Chartered Accountants Ireland's spokesman on public policy and tax matters.

Mary Roche is a consulting accountant and public relations graduate with particular expertise in communications. An experienced financial controller and non-executive director, Mary is also well known within the profession as a technical author and editor.

Norah Collender is Tax Technical Manager with Chartered Accountants Ireland having previously worked for 10 years in ‘Big 4’ and small- to medium-sized professional firms. Norah is a member of the CCAB-I representation team on the TALC Audit and TALC Indirect subcommittees and is also involved in the development of the Chartered Tax Consultant professional qualification programme.