Psychometric testing and coaching session

The Careers Service of Chartered Accountants Ireland is now offering members the opportunity to avail of a professional psychometric testing service combined with a personalised career coaching session.

Using a suite of globally recognised tests and tools that are approved by the British Psychological Society, you will be provided with a comprehensive report in relation to your traits and competencies.

On receipt of this report you can avail of a personal executive coaching session to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of the content. During this one on one consultation you can identify your core strengths as well as identify areas that may need attention and improvement. With the support of your coach you can then put in place a development programme that will facilitate the achievement of your personal and professional goals.

For a relatively small investment of time and money, you can learn about yourself, your traits and focus on the areas that you need to develop to improve on your career success.

Please contact Karin Lanigan, Manager - Career Development & Recruitment Service on 01 637 7331 or email for more information.

Please note all information obtained during the process will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

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