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Top Career Tips for Women

This webinar will be of benefit to women Chartered Accountants at every stage of their career whether you are starting out, want to advance your career, change direction and also to those women who are seeking to return to workplace following a career break. It is aimed at professional women who want to have more influence and impact, enhance their confidence, make best use of their skills and talents and experience a fulfilling career
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Interviews – making an impact

From your flexibility to interview schedules to promptness of calls and emails, the 'interview' starts here! Discover the ways to improve your success at interview as well as the many actions and characteristics that might just be letting you down and find out how to work around them.

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Interview do’s and don’t’s

This webinar will walk you through the common pitfalls in interviewing and detail how to maximise your effectiveness throughout the whole interview process and stages ensuring 'route to offer' and interview success.

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Competency based interviews

All interviews will now have a competency based element to them, so to ensure success at interview you will need to be able to master competency interview based questions. We will provide you with a template that you can use to successfully structure your answers and this will enable you to present and articulate your skills and experience in the best way possible. This approach will help you to maximise your chances of interview success.

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A careers SWOT analysis

Before you take the next step, whether that's within or outside of your current organisation, give yourself the best start by conducting a SWOT analysis on your experience to date.

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Advancing your career with a mentor

A mentor is someone whose hindsight can be your foresight. In this webinar we explain the concept of a mentor, the benefits of having a mentor, what to look for in a mentor and also how you can avail of the Career Mentor Programme offered by Chartered Accountants Ireland. We also advise you in relation to how to manage and gain the most from a mentor relationship. At the end of the webinar you will not only be able to source a mentor you will also know how best to leverage this key career development resource.

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Top career planning tips

Career planning is essential to career success and fulfilment. In this webinar we will guide you on the journey to creating a career plan that suits your career ambitions and that helps you to map out the next steps in your career. We will also introduce you to the Career Pathway Framework which will support you as you identify the skills and competencies you will require. This webinar promises to be informative and practical and will provide you with tools and frameworks that you can use.

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Your personal brand

Personal branding is key to career success. In this practical and insightful webinar you will hear how to create, manage and promote your personal brand as part of a successful career management strategy. You receive practical tips and examples of how you can best use your personal brand to differentiate your skills and profile.

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Salary Negotiation – Top Tips

It is quite common for people to feel uncomfortable negotiating their salary. Many will hesitate when they are questioned about their expectations, they may apologise when asking for an increase and some may even be afraid to look for their true market value. Developing your ability to negotiate a salary that is competitive and reflective of the skills and experience your bring to a role is essential to achieving career fulfilment.

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2020 Technology Conference - Taking Stock - To Where from Here? (3 CPD hours)

This year's conference will also consider ethical matters when deploying technology and insights into a real-life example where implementing various technological solutions has revolutionised an organisation.

AI and Analytics

Kieran Towey - MD, Applied Intelligence Unit, KPMG

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ERP and Working in the Cloud

Rory Finegan FCA - Founder and CEO, Beyond Accounting

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Technology, Ethics and Accountability

Niall Fitzgerald FCA - Head of Ethics and Governance, CAI

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Sustainability Technology and the Circular Economy

Ray McGann - Sales Leader, Hewlett-Packard Financial Service

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Top Technology Tips – Tips and tricks for your practice and SME business to work smarter

Neal Morrison FCA - Partner, McInerney Saunders

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2018 videos

Leadership trends in 2018

Work behaviourist, coach and tutor on the Chartered Accountants Ireland Certificate in Leadership Essentials, Fiona Buckley recently delivered a live webinar on ‘the tops trends in leading organisations’.

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What to do during your first 100 days as a manager

Sean McLoughney on this complimentary webinar "New to managing a team – my first 100 days". This webinar will help accountants who are new to managing people to put a plan in place to manage their new team.

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Technology and the Future of Audit

This presentation surrounds the changing nature of the audits and impact that technology will have on this sector of the accountancy profession

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