Application form and fee structure

How much should this cost?

There are only minimal costs involved in the process. Chartered Accountants Ireland is keen to develop partnerships with a range of employers. Hence any fees we charge are purely nominal and are designed to cover our administration costs.

Fee structure for the employer partnership process

  • Submission of application form and feedback on same - free of charge
  • On-site assessment visit and recognition as a Chartered Accountants Ireland Employer Partner - nominal fee to cover administration (see application form for current fee)
  • Annual renewal including review of last 12 months and plans going forward - nominal fee to cover administration (see application form for current fee)

What documentation do I need to provide?

At this stage, all you need to complete is the attached application form. There is no requirement to provide supporting documentation with this application form. However, if your application progresses to a site visit, when additional information will be required for inspection as evidence of a comprehensive approach to learning and development. Further details on the additional information required at Stage 3 are provided at the back of the application form.

What should I do now?

The first stage for interested employers is to review the application form. If you believe that you can fulfil most of the criteria identified, then please complete the form and return it to Chartered Accountants Ireland.

If you share our commitment to developing professional competencies, and thereby enhancing performance in the workplace, then the Employer Partnership scheme should be for you!

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