Training plan requirements

What should I consider when developing a training plan?

Return on Investment for training is an area of huge interest and benefit to the organisation – if done right. As a metric it is time-consuming to calculate and doesn’t take into consideration the many factors at play in an organisation.

What is useful to consider is a list of factors designed by Paul Donovan and David P. Darcy in Ireland, listed below are the key factors. Take a look at the list and evaluate for yourself the real factors that determine the successfulness of a training intervention. It is fair to assume, that organisational factors have an impact on the success of the training intervention.


  • Trainer effectiveness
  • Perceived relevance
  • Job design
  • Organisational support for learning
  • Motivation to attend
  • Quality focus
  • Training event climate
  • Trainer understanding of context
  • Job autonomy
  • Clarity of the Individual’s job
  • Peer support
  • Training linked to purpose
  • Career utility
  • Organisational linkage
  • Learning transfer management
  • Management expectation
  • Organisational structure
  • Opportunity to use
  • Location of training function
  • Decentralisation of the training function
  • Individual rewards

Helpful resources

International Journal of Training and Development [ISSN 1360-3736]: Volumne 15, Number 2 "Learning transfer: the views of a practitioners in Ireland" by Paul Donovan and David P. Darcy.

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