Testimonals from previous participants

It is evident that a lot of time and effort has gone into the design of the course; the mix of lectures, case studies, assignments and the way the course covers the tax heads in the Applied Tax section and building on this by covering business areas in the Integrated Tax section. 

This combined with really good textbooks and knowledgeable lectures makes the course very enjoyable and represents good value for money. Not only does it completely update you on current tax, but far more importantly it gives you the tools to be able to research tax issues going forward which stands to you in the longer term.

If embarking on this course you have to get the commitment from the people in your personal life and from work as it entails Saturday lectures in Dublin as well as time to do the five assignments (about two full days each), time to keep up with lecture preparation and about a week or so for each set of exams...on the plus side, it's all done in one year! If the people around you know in advance what you are committing to, it really helps.

The course is about an all-round educational and professional development experience. The exams are of course an indicator of your achievement and progress but the learning throughout is what's really important. Plus it gave a great opportunity to meet new people and make new professional and personal contacts.

Ronan Daly, FCCA, Chief Financial Officer

Since day 1 of the course I was able to apply what I was learning to what I do on a daily basis. The course taught me how to use and read legislation. This is something that I have been able to apply to the new Companies Act, Money Laundering legislation etc.  I think one of the most unexpected things about the course was that there was more than just tax - from report writing, AML, accounting for tax and how to apply the information covered to practical situations.
Catriona Swaine, ACA, Practice Accountant and Auditor

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In my current role, I am responsible for the finance function of a multinational company involved in aviation. Within this role, I come across a broad range of issues and transactions with broad implications, so an understanding of the tax consequences is vital.  I utilise the skills the CTC course provided me with on a daily basis whether it be for day to day matters or complex issues and transactions. 

The CTC does not isolate tax; in fact throughout the course students are reminded that legal, commercial and financial issues must be considered. I felt that this approach gave me a really well rounded qualification.

I can honestly say that the Chartered Tax Qualification has been invaluable to me in this role.  

The CTC qualification has broadened my capabilities within the finance function and without doubt has enhanced my CV.

Sinead O’Brien, Chartered Tax Consultant 

While I admit I found the prospect of the Chartered Tax Consultant qualification challenging with my busy work life and young family at the outset, I felt very prepared for the exams by the end through the online materials, case studies, lectures and assignments. Overall the course was an extremely positive experience from both a personal and educational perspective. Apart from the significant tax knowledge gained throughout the year I have also made some great friends. 

AnnMarie Blennerhasset, Chartered Tax Consultant

Having trained with a Big 4 firm, I now work in the multinational sector. Chartered Tax Consultant, through its unique and highly practically focused approach to learning has allowed me develop my professional expertise.  I now have the skills and confidence to pursue a career path in an area of finance that I really enjoy!

Liam Cronin, ACA, CTC, Senior Financial Accountant, McKesson Ireland


I would highly recommend CTC to any Chartered Accountant seeking a professional tax qualification. Working in practice it is essential to have a good knowledge of taxation,seeking to develop my  tax skills to a high standard while obtaining a
professional tax qualification, I examined the Chartered Tax Consultant course and the AITI course.  I believed that the approach outlined by CTC best suited my requirements as a Chartered Accountant, although challenging, it promised to cover all areas of both Irish and International taxation in a practical way.  I found it an excellent course in that through its unique combination of lectures and group case study approach, it not only teaches you the tax legislation but the skills to interpret this legislation in the context of real life scenarios.

 Michael Doyle, ACA, CTC, MGD

While completing the course I was working on a corporate tax team in practice and it was important to me that the learning experience would stand to me if I wanted to progress there or if I ever decided to move onto a position in industry. 

I'm delighted I chose the course because of the practical and realistic approach it adopts in lectures, tutorials and in exams.

Given the size of the group, we had a great opportunity to interact with the other participants and tutors which was very useful when it came to assignments. Another selling point for me was being able to complete the course over one year.

Since passing the course, I was promoted within practice and more recently I accepted a position on an in-house tax team in a bank which I look forward to joining. I found the course to be extremely well run and the organisers were very passionate about making it a success for everyone involved, which in my experience they succeeded in doing.

Lucy Hamill, ACA, Chartered Tax Consultant

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