Diploma in Corporate Finance

In corporate finance, what separates success and failure is shrewd judgement, the ability to see an opportunity, to minimise risk and use timely decision making.

At the heart of these skills and competencies is quality information and for this reason, a sound understanding of the analytical tools and techniques which are available is a must for those advising upon or making strategic financial decisions.

This programme is designed to provide you with these practical tools in a structured yet challenging way, developing your critical thought processes and analytical skills: skills which will help set you apart from your peers.

The Diploma in Corporate Finance with lead tutor Cormac Lucey is offered as on both a classroom or by distance learning and is supported by comprehensive learning materials to guide, explain and test your understanding.

Apply by date:

16 February 2018

Start date:

16 February 2018

Six months


Classroom or distance

Classroom fee:

€3,265 (Members)
€3,625 (Non members)

Distance fee:

€2,615 (Members)
€2,905 (Non members)

Training tickets:

Not accepted

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